My Career and School Goals

Domestic violence and emotional abuse are some of the vices that people have to deal with in the society. They take many forms which include stalking, name calling and battering. Victims can be of any sex, age, culture, race, education, religion, marital status or employment (Creative Communications Group 2009). I have lived through such an experience and that’s why a career in Social work is close to my heart and this is where I can work hand in hand with women victims and survivors of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a vice that should be eliminated from the society as it should not happen to anyone at all.

When I joined Viterbo’s Associate degree program I knew I wanted to work with people but was not sure what program to undertake. However, with time, this program helped me in pinpointing my exact area of interest; Social work. According to Powers (2011) social workers are dedicated individuals who help people, groups as well as communities learn to live better by helping them learn to deal with their problems and hopefully find solutions to overcome their problems and struggles. The Associate of Arts Degree has provided me with foundational competencies necessary to pursue my career in social work. In addition, the program provided a general education as a build in for my bachelor degree pre-requisites; an opportunity that allowed me to bridge into my selected major upon completion.

Upon graduation from the Associate degree program I want to start on my Bachelors degree with a major in social work program; this I mark it as the start to my career. Following my graduation with sum cum laude, I hope to get a job and begin working with organizations or institutes dealing or rehabilitating victims of domestic violence. As I gain practical experience, I would like to start tackling my Masters program in child protection and welfare services; another field that is also close to my heart. If the course will not be offered through Viterbo by that time, then I will be pursuing it elsewhere.

 I would like to contribute to an agency or organization that empowers, promotes dignity and self worth of its clients; especially those that have faced domestic violence and for children who suffer abuse and neglect. My strong desire to change peoples’ lives drives me always. I really want to assist these people in finding the proper assistance both legal and psychological and also assist them in rebuilding their lives. I care about people and want them to lead quality lives.

As a social worker, working with children facing cases of abuse and neglect and helping them to overcome these challenges will bring a feeling of satisfaction and achievement to my life. Some of the activities would I will undertake include assisting gain access to better housing and legal services. I will also help prevent crises and carry out counseling for this to client group.

Having lived through the life of domestic violence I have learnt that most people are suffering in silence or don’t even know some of those experiences that are categorized under domestic violence. Therefore through my university education, I am looking forward to eliminating the vice through working together with other like-minded individuals. I really do love social work.

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