Negative and Positive Aspects of Drug Legalization and Decriminalization


The process of legalizing and the related discriminations about the aspects of drugs are dealt much seriously in the modern society. There are many sessions and declarations related to the process of combating drugs in United States. Some of these are successful operations, while other failed to meet the recommended periphery of understanding. As a matter of fact the proceedings related to the cases of drugs are much more active than the past years. War against drugs is a serious venture in the US and the participation of legislature in this domain is very strong. There are many ongoing debates regarding the negative and positive aspects of drug legalization and decriminalization. Some researchers are of the view that drugs should get legal support as it is the base for many medicinal sources, whereas others nullify such declarations. There are many scholarly reviews and interpretations over this issue. These interpretations are about the scopes of managing the impacts of use, abuse, and trafficking impacts of drugs over the modern society and population.

This paper in particular makes an elaborate discussion about the negative and positive aspects of drug legalization and decriminalization in United States. The approach has been further enhanced by the realizations of effects of drugs over the family structure and relevant workplace. In order to find out these basic concerns the paper includes the discussions about the positive and negative aspects of Proposition 215.  These discussions are analyzed and scrutinized on personal position on that proposition 215 and its revision on personal grounds. The rationales about this proposition gets more enhanced as the paper adds the elements of personal interpretations over the purpose of drug use, abuse, and trafficking impacts over the residents of the United States. The entire paper presents an analytical purview of understanding the positive and negative ways of looking in to the legalization and discriminations of drugs in US.

Negative and positive aspects of drug legalization and decriminalization

In accordance to the process of following the declarations related to the negative aspects of drug legalization and decriminalization it will be appropriate to consider that drugs life threatening contents in the modern society. It is under the influence over the drug legalization that the participation of drug dealers is increasing in the society. The most basic points are related to diversified public opinions. Different surveys show that people opine in different ways about the uses and abuses of drugs. It is hard to get a common point of view. To oppose drug legalization and decriminalization against public opinion is a hard job and thus needs proper research and investigations. Added to these diversified point of views there is also the source s that are derived from different political calculations. These calculations are based on the import export formulation of drugs. The government cannot necessarily ban these proceedings as it supports the pharmaceutical sectors of the country. Issues related to health and public welfare are related to the persuasions of regulations about drugs.

The responsibilities of the government increase; on an obvious basis, whenever there is the emergence for drug supply within the country. Different medical associations demands for different kind of drugs and these needs to be supplied for the betterment of the population. It is true that the excessive trade of drugs also results in issues related to crime and terroristic activities. However the pharmaceutical side cannot be ignored and thus the government gets handicapped regarding the restrictions. On ethical grounds, a threat of supplying drugs to the population is an obvious proceeding and this proceeding is initiated more through pharmaceutical supplies. It is therefore important to consider that there are many arguments against the prohibition of drugs and in support of legalization and decriminalization of drugs in the country.

On the other hand there are points that nullify all these aspects and demands for strict restrictions about the drug legalization and decriminalization. These aspects declare that drugs imported or exported for medical support are obviously legitimate and should not get limited. However, when the same phenomenon gets into the process of hampering population by excessive supply of harmful drugs, the government needs to act with more cautiousness. There are serious oppositions related to the supply of drugs to the population in the name of medical support. Many public oriented associations also demands for quality control checks in the import provision of drugs to the country and the related misleading statistics about the declarations of excise. It has been discovered that many children are dragged into the trend of doing business with drugs and they are into serious offense at a tender age. Discriminations against the trade of drugs are important on social and political basis. Participation of people in general and government in particular is mandatory. Regulations that support the trades related to drugs needs severe speculations about the racism and issues of unequal enforcement of different kinds of drug laws within the country.

Affects of drugs in the family structure and workplace

The affects of drugs in the family creates chaotic situation. When the parents come to know that their kid is into drugs, the initial reactions are full of anger and grief. There is sense of realization about the irresponsibility ion the parents and that gets into the feeling of enormous guilt. To a great extent the parents do not understand the way to handle the situation and regular aggressive sessions follow in the house. The kids initially ask for more money from the parents and later on when the demand increases they get into stealing.  On the contrary when the kids discover that their parents are into drug addiction, whether it is regular doses of alcohol, tobacco or dopes, there is a kind of insecurity that grows in them. As the parents get aggressive and regular chaotic instances get common, the kid too loses his interest in the family. In many cases the kids leave their parental roof and settle somewhere else. Painful situations and cries get common in the house and the entire family loses trust on each other. There remains no room for honesty and the sense of reliability faded away. These situations however get severe between partners. Cases of sadistic behaviors and tortures are very common and the parents consequently lose interest for each other. Though it has been discovered that there is always a room for reconciliation, yet it becomes hard to take the first step. Support from parents, kids or partners are obvious but to come into that floor, it is a long way of getting out of the shock and sufferance.

Drugs in professionl domain are highly discouraged. In professional life the consumption of drugs is highly criticized by many people. Rosse, Crown, and Feldman (1991) investigated the hindrances in the workplace regarding the consumption of drugs. Their speculations show that in workplaces drugs can create indiscipline behavior and irresponsibility. As an employee gets into dopes, it spoils the working environment and as such the entire office atmosphere. The ideological set up of professionalism breaks into devastating instances, due to wrong decisions. As these scholars investigated the issue in 127 firms, they demanded the effects of legalization of drugs. Even among the employees the responses were negative and nobody was in favor of this particular step by government.

Positive and negative aspects of proposition 215

Proposition 215 or Compassionate Use Act of 1996, from California ballot proposition of 5th November, 1996 was actually based on the medical use and importance of marijuana. Proposition 215 was approved with a total amount o 5,382,915 votes as against 4,301,960 votes with denial. Being counted in favor of the majority, Proposition 215 was approved by the government. The declarations of Proposition 215 demand for appropriate validation and doctor’s recommendations for the use of marijuana on legal terms. With this preposition, this legal authorization was added to Section 11362.5 in the chart of California Health and Safety Code. Though the law was passed with majority counting, yet there is continuous opposition made for the abolition of the same. Many cases of overdose of marijuana are causing social havoc in US. The federal governance wants the entire law to get revised and restrictions to be implemented against this legalization.

In favor of this law, it can be said that for medical reason the legalization of marijuana is fine, but this needs different kinds of obligations to stop free flow consumption of the same. Though Proposition 215 establishes the legal proceedings for the availability of drugs like marijuana, it also should implement some very basic restrictions in the buying and selling of the product. Under the influence of corruption, the doctors offer these drugs to the addicted person in a very usual manner. This however needs to get checked. People who need to take marijuana should apply for the legal authorization and after that the availability should be made possible in a very limited way.  The positive aspect of Proposition 215 is directly related to medical support, yet the negative aspect gets counted for the flexible means adopted for its availability. Complicacies and determined means of legal proceedings should be favored for the purpose of consuming marijuana. As a patient is prescribed to take marijuana, there is the severe need of restricting this consumption. When these restrictions are not offered by the governance there is an obvious way for creating chaotic situations through it.

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