Personal Development as a First Line Manager


Personal development requires that individuals set their minds and energies on changing their old behaviours and preparing to acquire new ones. The behaviour change should come in a fixed time frame in order to ensure that the intended purpose is attained and used to gain objectives. The changes are meant to benefit the person taking the new skills and those relating directly to him/her. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills is vital in professional arenas where a team leader relates directly with junior staff and those above them.

The skills have to be organized to bring about improved performance, excellent working relationship, and a staunch organized system in the business. This can be assured if the skills obtained are used in line with the company policies, protocols, and considerations of the market dynamics. The skills should reflect professional values, respect for other people, and empathy. The level, rate, and application should be differentiated at organization levels. The skills should be used effectively in planning and managing of the work within an organization. The skills should entail clear and effective planning. This planning should apply to the organization of the whole management, junior staff, and different departments. It should regard and reflect the organization’s financial strength and power.

The policies proposed should aim at streamlining the organization’s internal structures and communication channels to ensure that the working environment and the atmosphere are conducive, reliable, accommodative, and friendly. This will be reflected in how the organization deals with internal stress and conflicts. This will be in the form of managing financial hitches, solving employees’ dissatisfaction, and managing internal crises, which may deeply and widely affect consumers. This can be possible if the strain occurs within the production, distribution or sales department of the firm (Rath & Concie 2009).

The skills should further enhance the formation of a healthy, safe, and productive working environment. The skills should be there to ensure that all employees are treated right and equally. All the employees should strive to attain personal internal development. This should be possible by ensuring that the employees develop their careers, talents, and abilities. The skills should be aimed at extraditing personal weaknesses of the employees and working out on their strengths. This will ensure maximum production as the employees’ morale will be boosted. The skills should aim at attaining the maximum positive personal relations between the management and members of the staff.

Skills to Be Developed

The specific skills that one needs to learn to be an outstanding leader are either physically analyzed or internal and perceived by others through association. As a strong leader, I need to possess strong and effective communication skills. Leaders need to acquire enjoyable listening skills, especially when dealing with juniors. Also, I need to enhance my skills in vertical communication to be able to get what those above me have planned or organized for the benefits of the whole organization.  In doing this, I will be able to get different ideas and suggestions on how to train a team. I will also have an opportunity to solve various work conflicts and also address the concerns of other employees. It is essential for me as a team leader to have the ability to talk and communicate effectively, reliably, and clearly when giving directions to junior staff and also when giving feedback to senior members of the management. The ability to communicate effectively will help me to pass the intended information from management to lower employees in the ranking. This will enhance performance of the firm’s operations. It will also enable me to pass the concerns and feedback of employees to the management. This will substantially improve the communication in the whole organization (Ries 2011).

Managers need to develop a positive attitude towards other employees. They also need to be empathetic and understanding when it comes to feelings and emotions of other employees and team members. The attitude will make them accessible to other employees and members of the staff. It will also make them accessible to management in an effort to get what their junior employees and other team members are feeling towards the organization. The ability to develop such a favourable attitude will allow me to have a better opportunity to seek the opinion of other team members in running the affairs of the team and the organization at large. The need to consult other members of the group is inevitable if I am to understand the external market factors, market dynamics, and the competitive factors of other organizations. This will help in putting my firm at a better competitive advantage. It will also allow the firm to keep abreast with the current technology and other dynamics of production.

Ability to handle internal crisis and conflicts in the firm will go a long way in ensuring the working relations remain conducive and secure. This will ensure that every employee feels at ease and has liberty to express him/herself. As a first line manager, I carry the responsibility of ensuring that there is zero tolerance to corruption, harassment, and abuse in office and work place. Leaders have to learn how to manage such cases and what actions to take. Managers should be in a position to detect and eliminate such trends within and outside a team. They have the responsibility of interpreting the laws on behalf of junior employees and their provisions. They have to notify and educate them of their financial, social, and legal rights. To do this, I have to have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage such office matters. The skills development will be assessed by the rate of development of the firm and the nature of conflict resolution within the firm. It will also be assessed by the level of communication and its development in the firm. The employees should be able to demonstrate the availability of skills to consumers and external partners of the firm. They should be in a position to respond to the consumer’s demands and requirements in time and in the required manner.

These skills can be achieved by engaging in extensive and intensive training. Also, I, as a first line manager, should ensure that the firm provides training to all team members. Such training will not only enhance my personal skills but will also raise the firm’s position in the market. The employees are expected to take part and engage in training for the time they are working for the company. This will be offered to the employees as part of a personal development program. The company will select those to go for training in quarters to give every employee an equal chance. The time frame for achieving this will be scheduled as per the company financial ability, program, and plan. This will bring my objectives in line with the company’s goals and objectives. The training should go at a maximum of one year and a minimum of six months.


The skills I will attain will be used in different ways to improve and raise the position and image of the company. It will involve merging the skills learnt with the plans, goals, and objectives of the company. This will be done in total consideration of the firm’s policies to ensure they do not get into conflict with the firm’s schedule. The application of the skills will depend on the communication pattern of the firm, the operation policies and the overall budget of the firm (Lencioni 2002).

Planning and Management of Work

The consultation skills between me and the co workers will be developed in accordance with the firm’s policies. The application of the skill will ensure that it is in line with the company’s time management policies and its operation criteria. It will be done in set protocols and according to the firm’s financial and communication schedules. It will be done within the limits of the law and in the set bureaucracy. The human resource department will be responsible for allocation of responsibilities. The final decision on the contributions will be taken by the management. The conflict resolution process will be also dealt within the confinements of the set channels. The process will be managed by the responsible departments. This will ensure that the conflict does not spread to other departments of the organization.

The training of the employees will be done in phases. Managers will engage in training in systematic and organized phases to ensure time consciousness, organization and improved application of the skills attained. Each training exercise will run for a period between three and six weeks. This will ensure that the employees remain committed to their responsibilities and the organization operations are not interfered with.

Development of Productive Working Relationship

The working relationship within an organization is vital in ensuring that the firm is operating swiftly and effectively. The skills attained in this case will allow the management and employees to see to it, especially if they have maintained a healthy and conducive working environment. This will be possible by promoting of effective communication skills and a positive attitude towards the organization and fellow employees and by enhancing conflict resolution measures in the company. It will be also achieved through offering of equal opportunities to all employees to avert possible hostilities and drop in performance.

Ensuring Healthy and Productive Environment

The management has the responsibility of ensuring that the working environment is conducive, reliable, healthy, and peaceful. This can be achieved by taking an empathetic approach towards the employees’ challenges, concerns, fears, and insecurities. The skills will help me understand these feelings and come up with methods and procedures of tackling them. It will help improve the employees’ security in their work station by reassuring them of their positions. It will also help develop the personal attributes of the employees, thus increasing production and reliability of the firm’s departments (Hannaway & Hunt 1995).


Thus, the skills mentioned above are of vast importance to my firm, and acquiring and developing them will help in improving most aspects of the business. This will help improve interrelations between individual employees. It will also help streamline crisis management system and improve internal communication. Besides, it will further enhance the creation of a friendly, healthy, and effective environment. The firm will enjoy a robust communication system that will ensure that information is delivered in a respectable time and for the required purpose. The skills will further help in personal development among the employees. They will have a chance to undergo and experience a new type of training in new areas of interest. It will further help them express their feelings and develop their talents.  The conversion and improvement of personal attitude will greatly help in improving production and enhancing external customer relations with the consumers. As a first line manager, this will help me drive the firm towards achievement of its goals and objectives.

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