Post Modern Feminists


The online Oxford English dictionary defines feminism as the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men (Online Oxford dictionary, 2013). This essay is in disagreement with the statement above. It responds to it from the perspective of a postmodern feminist. The school of thought of post modern feminism argues that a woman is not subordinate to a man or to a fellow woman in any way, be it based on race, class or sexuality (Nair, 2013). A woman can achieve equally what men can achieve in the current society. From the examples below, it is also realised that an individual is not limited due to her gender or racial background, as seen in Grimes and Gabby Douglas’ case.

Grimes, who is a high profile pop artist reflects a number of cases she became a victim of sexism in the electronic music industry. She says that the music industry is male dominated and that women are not taken seriously, but instead, they are viewed as children. This comes out during her interview where the interviewer referred to her as a Magical Angel Child (, 2013). Despite the challenges she faced, she was successful in her career. Woolf, another feminist, remembers the sufferings she went through as a young girl, She never had proper education, she was abused by her half brother and as she describes "I can remember the feel of his hands going under my clothes; going firmly and steadily lower and lower, I remember how I hoped that he would stop; how I stiffened and wriggled as his hand approached my private parts. But he did not stop." (Woolf, 1939). Gabby Douglass is another victim of racism by the media despite her outstanding performance at the 2012 Olympics. During the awarding ceremony, the cameras did not focus on her, instead, the cameras focused on her fellow team mate Jordyn. The media did not recognise her good performance all because she is black. The first two examples are victims of sexism because they are women while the last case is a form of racial discrimination.

Post modern feminists therefore address issues that are related to any form of gender based bias. They are also against global issues such as Female Genital Mutilation, rape, prostitution and early marriages. A post modern feminists have standards and qualities, among the qualities that define  them are, they believe in women education, gender equality and a society free from gender based violence (Nair, 2013). Since they champion for these agendas, they contribute positively to the society with educated women, a safe and harmonious society and one where men and women have equal opportunities in life.


Despite the fact that there are biological differences between male and female, the abilities and capabilities of both sexes are generally similar. Women can equally do what men can do. Education should therefore not enhance the differences between men and women but instead it should bring the similarities and at the same time enhance gender equality.

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