Poverty and Single Mothers

The government has not applied reasonable political, social and economic systematic processes and structures with regard to historical atrocities. They have always developed and instituted legislations and policies which are retrogressive towards the American women who live impoverished lives together with their families.

Single mothers bear most brunt associated with poverty. The lawmakers have enforced laws which deprive single mothers and every other poor woman access to equal opportunities and educational advancement. They are victims of historical and racial afflictions passed onto them through coded legislation which will see them economically, politically and socially powerless and as a result leave them vulnerable

The Welfare-to-Work initiative promoted economic slavery as many were paid low-wages. The program suffered a cut on spending to fund war during President George W.Bush regime. The consequences trickled down to the poor Americans, who were adversely affected. The impact on poverty levels was not significant as the PRWORA was not signed to legislation until 1996.

Topic sentence # 1: American dream a mirage and a nightmare for the Poor single mothers, as Ignorance takes its course on them as a result of government turning their back on them by instituting policies which accelerate poverty.

Quote 1: “The working poor are particularly susceptible to abuse by public service providers and financial service providers, corn artist, and even the employers….often; the poor simply ignore the abuse endured or find they have no recourse for help” (Shipler, 2001).

Summary 1: The government capitalizes on the fact that the poor single mothers who do not have legal recourse to address their grievances and also their state of hopelessness and lack of power. The government through its various agencies has lured and duped the poor American woman to entitlements and unlawfully denied them access to their benefits. The government and private sector has also capitalizes on the poor women’s ignorance.

Summary 2: The poor women are not educated on how to handle money. They don’t have a clue on how to invest and even if they did the money they are earning from the low-wages is used to pay bills and the upkeep of their children. They system has been designed to keep them in financial squabbles and thus they cannot invest in personal development through education.

Summary 3: Due to the fact that they lack adequate sound education, they are prone to spending their money on non-essentials items such as expensive phones, cable television etc. There have been cases of crippling credit cards debt which the individuals were forced to declare bankruptcy. The result of this being high fees and high interest rates.

Topic sentence #2: Social and political factors hampering the women from climbing out of poverty.

Summary 1: The political factors have influenced enforcement or signing to legislation laws which are retrogressive towards the poor women, whom majority of them are single mothers.  The enforced federal laws are restrictive and are applied selectively and conditionally to prevent poor women from getting out of the web of poverty. The government has abused its powers to flex its segregation and retrogressive nature of the enforced laws to suppress and oppress the women.

Summary 2: socially, most of the poor women are single mothers. The male partners have walked away from their lives leaving them to shoulder responsibilities of the family. The meager wages are split between the bills such as gas, check-cash fees, day-care, medical needs, utilities, late fees all these expenditure is dependent on their single source of minimal  income; making poverty a nightmare before their reality.

Summary 3: The poor women or single mothers are subjected to the minimal income and are not allowed to look for well-paying jobs as this may deprive them off their welfare benefits. Thus the poverty cycle is a continuous cycle and social ladder which they have to contend with to sustain them and their families.

Topic sentence #3: The media as an instrument for shaping opinions and how the society perceives poor people in their midst.

Summary 1: Many of the Americans are not aware of the fact that one can work full-time or work long hours and still be poor. They don’t tend to grapple with the reality of how their fellow Americans are poor and this can be attributed to how they religiously envision the American dream.

Summary 2: Many Americans who are not affected by poverty are cannot grasp the gravity or the magnitude of poverty and its reality because they too are struggling to make ends meet.

Summary 3: The media has painted distorted images of the poor women; thus not addressing the fundamental cause of the problem. This has also helped the media shape misconstrued opinions and perceptions.

Topic sentence # 4: The effects of poverty on the lives of the women and to their families.

Summary 1: Poverty affects the mental well being of the poor women. Many of the women have been known to suffer a mental illness or develop a mental condition at some point in their lives. In fact, depression is strongly correlated with poverty.

Summary 2: Children from poverty-stricken families tend to be predisposed to risky behavior such as early unwanted pregnancy in girls or young boys engaging in criminal activities and eventually end up as juvenile.

Summary 3: Most of the times, as a response to desperate situation, the impoverished single mothers can indulge in social ills such as prostitution to make ends meet. They resort to this kind of option when there are no any other viable and sound options available. They sacrifice immensely for the sake of their children.

Summary 4: It has been found, that, children from poor single mothers are more likely not to either finish their education, or to pursue a professional career.

Summary 5: The single mothers have no education and training which is needed to propel them to a professional career and entrepreneurship opportunities thus they are trapped into poverty quagmire.

Summary 6: There is also a study that suggests disparity; for instance, there has been an increase of impoverished female-headed households with children compared to those of male-headed households with children.

Topic sentence # 5: The “American dream” and “Work hard” are mythologies which poor single mothers have to put up with in their quest to live poverty-free lives.

Summary 1: Many Americans bought into the fact that, the long hours one puts on his or her work, the more s/he earns to live a poverty-free, yet that’s not the reality reflected on the ground. The reality is contrary because most people work long hours to meager paying jobs which cannot sustain them. They end up struggling day in and day out to foot bills.

Summary 2: Most of the poor single mothers are African Americans who are wallowing in poverty as a result of historical racial prejudice which has influenced their power to be empowered; through quality education and training.  The social, economic and political barriers have adversely affected impoverished single mothers social and economic mobility.

Summary 3: The media misconstrued image of them being lazy and irresponsible, yet in contrary to that, they make up a big population of workforces who work long hours and are sometimes victims of abuse by their employers.

Summary 4: It is ironical that, in the past three decades has witnessed a growing numbers of wealthy Americans while on the same period, there has seen a tremendous rise in the number of poor people. With women making a big percentage; single mothers to be precise. 

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