Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Zoos are claimed to be an essential part of modern conservation strategy whereby among the various tasks falling into them, the most important is the breeding of endangered animals. The process of keeping animals in zoos starts with humans capturing the wild animals and introducing them into captive life. Often, another step is that of dealing in wild animals, which frequently involves considerable cruelty and neglect. Throughout this process, many animals die-either from an arduous journey, lethal infections, or unsuccessful adjustments to the zoo environment. Human captors break up families and other social units. Additionally, the captors may slaughter family members of captured animals to facilitate capture. For example, the chimpanzees are routinely killed while their infants are apprehended. In case of social animals, breaking up families or other social groups is likely to cause sadness or other forms of distress; and, again, some members of the group may be killed to facilitate capture. Transporting captive animals entails confining then in our sense- they do not live well while cooped up- and may result in injury and death. Introducing stressed creatures into an alien environment presumably causes unpleasant experiences and frequently leads to health problems and sometimes death shortly after arrival. In general, all this process predictably causes unpleasant feelings and temporary confinement and often results in death; sometimes disease and injury becomes part of the picture. People should stop maltreating animals. The harassment of animals takes place at the zoos. If people maintain animals properly, they have no right to keep them. The authorities should prevent cruelty to animals by closing the animal zoos. If the zoos have to exist under special cases, appropriate attention should be paid to the animals and they should get proper food as well as care.

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