Psychology of Behavior


Many psychological theories try to explain human behavior in different perspective. Some psychologists focused on genetics, nature and others science, while trying to explain human behaviors. The difference in views led to emergency of many theories explaining human behavior differently. Evolution theory, considers social and natural science in explanation of perception, memory and language. This theory explains human behavior in respect of sexual and natural selection. Behavioral genetics is another theory that examines the roles played by genetics in animal behavior. It involves contribution of genetics, biology, epigenetic, psychology, ethnology and statistics. The behavioral neuroscience theory is another theory also known as psychobiology, biopsychology and biological psychology. This theory applies biological principals in explanation of human and animal behavior. The three theories differ in perspective. They explain the adaptation of the behaviors differently, which leads to confusion. Though, the three theories have a sense of truth some gives inapplicable information.

Evolutionary Theory

This theory focuses on natural science and social environment in order to explain human behavior. It focuses on psychological mechanism like lungs, heart, and immune system. They argue that the mind has structure like the body, which functions the same. The theory argues that human behavior is constituted by psychological adaptations which try to solve human problems in the ancestral environment. They believe that the practices in each culture can be good in explaining behavior. The behavior helps in inferring emotions, indentifying and preferring healthier mates, cooperation with others and discerning kin from non kin. The tests of theoretical prediction include intelligence, infanticide, marriage patterns, bride price, promiscuity and parental investment. The theory has many fields including economics, law, health, management, politics and literature (Neil, 2007).

Evolutions theory views human nature as the ability for individual to adopt with the ancestral and cultural problem. This theory tries to intergraded psychology into other disciplines such as natural science through adaptation of biological theories. The theory serves a purpose of identifying cognitive adaptation and emotions that represent human psychology. The theory is founded with influence of many premises. The theory argues that sexual selection and nature shape the mechanism of brain; the brain also produces behavior according to internal and external inputs since it is an information processing device. The theory also explains that different neural mechanism works to solve human problem (William, 2008).

This theory links the brain and human behavior adaptation. The theory explains that each person has developed behavior due to the ability of the brain to react with external and internal environment. The theory explains that the people with bad behavior have developed the behavior while trying to cope with a certain problem. For example, an individual with deviant behavior developed such a behavior in the process of brain learning. This theory focuses on brain but does not consider the genetic make up.  The interaction with the environment does not make up the behavior the individual will adapt. There some people who interact with criminals, but they fail to copy the criminal behavior. Other people do not even learn bad behavior from anybody but adopt on their own. This shows that this theory does not give the full explanation of human behavior (Kassin, 2000). The theory has not focused on genetics while many siblings resemble their parents, which show that they share common traits. The theory could have incorporated the genetic views.

Behavioral Genetics

This theory, explains human behavior with the involvement of inheritance. It come up with the explanation of the behavior through the test of twin study. The study establishes the relationship between behavior and genes. The theory explains that children inherit behavior from their parents. Genetic make up help in determining the behavior a person. The study shows that, children born by the same parent tends to develop similar behavior. Twins also resemble each other physically and share same genes which leads to development of simmer behavior. Similar behavior is observed in the same family. For example, in a family with criminals, there is a criminal born in every generation (Kassin, 2000).

The theory explains behavior accurately because when people resemble each other physical it means they share similar behavior. In many families, children behave the same. Many children try to copy their father’s or mother’s behavior, and this shows that they share same gene. For example, aggressive parents tend to bring up aggressive children. The theory could have incorporated environmental factors because people sharing the some gene tend to develop different behavior when brought up from different environment (Neil, 2007).  The theory explains human behavior accurately than other theory, because people sharing same gene resemble each other physically, and this means that they share same behavior.

Behavioral neuroscience

This theory explains human behavior with the application of biological principles.  It focuses on the level of nerves, brain circuitry, neurotransmitter and basic biology concern with normal and abnormal human behavior. The theory explains that human behavior is determined by the functionality of body systems. Health problems or inability of the body systems to function properly can lead to disorders. The functionality of body systems determines individual’s intelligence. This theory explains behavior in respect to body process. This theory is not much reliable in explaining human behavior since behaviors are not shaped by body system, but through interaction with the external society and internal body make up. People develop abnormal behavior due to injuries but others develop as a result of natural influence (William, 2008).


The three theories explain human behavior but behavioral genetics theory is more reliable than other theories. The combination of the three theories can come up with the accurate analysis of human behavior. People should use the three theories while explaining human behavior.

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