Racial Violence is Everywhere

A race can be described as a group of persons that share certain characteristics.  Racism on the other hand is an act of hatred of people founded on the belief that certain people are superior to others. Even though all human beings are classified as belonging to one race others tend to believe that they are of a different race that is better than that of others. Racism at times may lead to persons being subjected to inhuman, unjust and cruel treatment because of their difference from the dominant group. This is what is referred to as racial violence. In the modern society it is thought that racial violence is a thing of the past but studies have shown that it stills widely exists especially on the grounds of color, ethnicity and nationality all across the different cities in many countries of the world.

Racial violence is different from other forms of violence due to the fact that it is mainly caused by the belief by one group of persons that their nationality, color or ethnic language is better that others and as such they dislike other people whom are from other ethnic origins, nationalities or have different physical characteristics and appearance in the manner of color language and dress. These are natural and normal aspects, and any attack on individuals based on this attributes is cruelty to a fellow human being who is a member of the human race. Racial violence expresses itself in a great number of ways. It can be small acts like pushing someone, spitting on someone, Calling one name that are meant to hurt, teasing, or carrying out practical jokes which may be dangerous on someone. There are other much serious cases such us physically   assaulting someone, murder, attempted murder, massacres, genocide, burning of ones properties and forceful sexual intercourse. (McCrum, 2001)

All across the globe cases of racial violence have been witnessed either in the past and they continue to be witnessed. In the European continent it has been witnessed at a large scale especially on the grounds of physical appearance. In many countries in this continent many persons are of lighter skin color compared to a continent like Africa where people are mostly of darker skin color. Historically the Europeans are known to have invaded the African continent and colonized many communities thereby bringing about civilization to the natives. By so doing they took back with them slaves from this continent back with them. When slavery finally came to a stop, many of these slaves remained behind and settled among their former masters. This historical perspective has led many of the white people to believe that they are of a superior race to the descendants of the Africans and as such they discriminate against them which finally lead to racial violence which sometimes is deadly. A number of cases have been reported in the media; one very tragic case known is that of Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death on 22 April 1993 as he was waiting for a bus in London. He did not in any   provoke the attack the only reason for he was murdered was that he was Black. Even the   justice system did not to catch and prosecute those responsible and this added greatly to the grief and injury felt by his family. Other European countries known for racial violence based on color include Germany and Russia. Such racial behavior should not be encouraged and measures should be put in place to stop it. (McCrum, 2001)

Another major cause of racial violence is ethnicity. People tend to group themselves on the grounds of their indigenous language. People of a given ethnic group especially when they are in their homeland tend to believe that they are more superior to all the other ethnic groups. As such they tend to look down on other people especially their neighbors who are not part of their ethnic groups. They in many cases end up calling those names insulting them or damaging their properties knowingly. This is very common on all continents of the world. It has led to racial violence in many places. There are a number of good examples one being that of a country in Africa, Kenya in the year 2008 whereby after one of their general elections. Persons of different ethnic groups fought and brought about the death of many people. Another case is that of Somalia whereby people of different clans have been fighting because each believes that they are more superior and deserve to lead. The best solution to ethnic indifference is to appreciate and respect each other.    

Another cause of racial violence is brought about by the environment t in which one is brought up. Sometimes there might have been a misunderstanding between different kinds of people. This is passed on through to the future generations who end up hating and despising each other. Their children are brought up knowing that they are superior and always wishing the worst for the others. In case a minor problem occurs between these communities it is accompanied by violence each community wanting to prove how right and strong it is. Such is the case with the communities in Middle East. 

The final major cause of racial violence is actually nationality. Individuals from different nationalities tend to view each other differently. Each concluding that they are superior as such when a citizen from one country moves in to another country, the citizens of that country will give him or her kind of treatment based on the country that he has originated from or the business that has brought them to that country. This is clearly shown by people who seek refuge in other people’s countries. There are a number of cases whereby refugees have been treated violently by their hosts, who claim that they are bringing about congestion to their countries. This was witnessed in France recently where people from other nationalities where being mistreated and in some cases others were deported. And in another case in Australia on March 2000, a high-ranking police officer suggested that Africans should be beaten before asking them any questions, although he was tried in court his case dropped by the public prosecutor. Showing just how racial violence is encouraged. (Newsheet, 2000)

There is no continent that is free of racial violence. The main reason why the existence of racial violence in our towns and cities needs to be addressed is because it is still witnessed worldwide. People need to understand that it is wrong and also very dangerous. It leaves physical and psychological scars that are passed on from generation to generation. It makes people Live in fear because they belong to a group or race of persons who are subjected to violence.it may also cause mental health and low self esteem among the victims. We all belong to a common race and we need to treat our fellow human beings with the respect that they deserve and equally. Racial violence in a major hindrance to good relations between people of different races and ethnic backgrounds, in that it makes it difficult for them to associate with one another for each different group fears and despises the other. An end to racism and racial violence would ensure a just and equal society and a great improvement to human relations.

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