Ransom by David Malouf

In the book Ransom by David Malouf, women and men have different power states; it is a world that has social inequality. Malouf tells the reader of how the character by the name Achilles that gets barred from the female world that is of rituals around grief. The author has a mythic form in the Australian literature and in this book he retells the story of the central mythology of the western civilization and the slavery among women and power and rule among men. 

Women had considerable influence over men despite the fact they lived in a world whereby men saw them as objects that could be subjected to slavery.  Women were inferior to men as men commonly viewed them as objects and slaves. However, the women of Trojan were evidently loyal, dedicated, brave and more positive. For instance, when Priam got sold to Heracles for the purpose of slavery, his sister by the name Hesoine rescued him from this terrible condition and in turn took her as a ransom in favor of her brother.  As a result, his name changed to Priam that implicated the price that got paid in the form of her sister life. The name also acted as a reminder of the sacrifice her sister did for him. Therefore, the selling of his sister in place of his brother is an evidence that women are as objects of slavery, this is due to the fact vice versa would not be true, her brother Priam would not have sacrificed himself as a ransom in a situation whereby her sister got sold into slavery. Women are living in a world that they are extremely confident and brave in despite that men give them enough credit. However, the men have much influence from their women on many occasions.Women in this book have a low position in the social equality. For instance, women are inferior to men despite their actions; men on the other side are more superior to women. Men live royal lives as their women do most of their work (David, 2011).

Despite the position of women in relation of the men in the book ransom, women have the power and influence although in an indirect perspective. For instance, when Priam gets rescued by her sister, he quickly rushes to his wife Hecuba for her approval of the plan that he plans to pursue. This is an implication of the influence that she had on her husband, the power of women illustrated when Hecuba approves the plan of her husband. He feels more sure and confident with going on with his plans after this approval. The place and influence of women on men gets illustrated with the mules when Priam is about to got the camp.  Priam replaces the strong war stallions of homer get replaced by common cart drawn by two mules, one of the mules has the name beauty. Beauty is one of the women characters in the book; the mules represent the aspects of stubbornness and independence, thus reducing the chances of victory in the plan when he uses the mules in place of the war stallions.

The use of the mule represents the patent and ordinary manner in which Priam decides to go to the Achilles camp undefended. This signifies that he as a normal man just like any other woman, child or man. The fact that beauty is one of the mules that are leading Priam to Achilles camp is another implication of how women are influential; they guide men to their destinations. The puts women in a world whereby they are inferior despite their immense power and influence on men due to their intelligence and strong will (David, 2011).

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