Same Sex Marriage in Global Society

Same sex marriage has been a controversial, current issue in the global society, where varying definitions of marriage have been given. The belief that marriage is only acceptable between a man and woman is a traditional belief, which proponents of the same sex marriage argue  has been passed by the time. They claim that marriage is a public and a social contract between two people irrespective of their sexuality. Therefore, gay couples should not be denied of their public and social right to get married, since it is against the public equality (Andrew 404). As a public contract marriage is the emotional, psychological and financial bond between two individuals, and homosexuality and heterosexuality is only an intrinsic quality in marriage. However, consideration of the intrinsic values of marriage has long been abandoned in the western society. Intrinsically marriage was perceived for the purposes of procreation, but the legal definition of marriage does not put a condition that couples must bear children. Public contracts are only sanctioned by the authorities when the involved parties have the power to fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract. For example, the authorities deny close relatives from getting married due to the emotional connection between them (p. 405).

Marriage involves a special commitment between two people. However, even in the traditional marriages, couples have found difficulties in maintaining their marital commitments. Therefore, even homosexuals have the ability to form long term commitment and relations, just like heterosexuals (Seidman 38). Gay couples face the same relationship problems just like normal couples in the traditional marriage and relationships. Therefore, legal denial of the same sex marriage is discrimination and unequal protection by the laws. The issue of domestic partnership has led to increased controversy of the institution of marriage, and gay marriages in particular, since most of the couples do not sanction their relationship. In addition, gay marriages have been considered in issues of inheritance and payment of taxes in different states, in the US. Marriage involves a commitment to a relationship and sex, which is prone to every person; it provides an emotional growth and stability as well as a form of economic security. Conservatives are largely concerned with the issue of marriage in the society, since some people are opting for the second class relationship of domestic partnership rather than marriage. This has led to the decline of the traditional marriage, hence collapsing of stable family life (Andrew 406).

Therefore, the issue of gay parents to the conservatives has been of significant concern, since they view gay marriages as a collapse of the stable, traditional family life. However, there has been no difference of the children brought by gay parents to those brought up by single parents. Gay marriages have risen radically, and conservatives are having difficulties to accept this rise. However, gay marriages have been in existence for a long period just that they have been euphemized. The legal and social acknowledgement of gay couples has made it possible for them to acknowledge their love and commitments publicly. Non legitimation of gay marriage causes emotional and social exclusion of gay couples, increasing stress and depression among them (Mooney 295). This increases disease prevalence among gay couples and institutionalization of gay marriage would lead to improvement of their health.

Legalization of gay marriage would help gay couples to improve their relationships with their families and relatives. Legitimation would bring the essence of gay marriage into the center of the traditional marriage. Legalization of gay marriage would also facilitate cultural acceptance of gay marriages, which could lead to a positive effect of the children brought up by gay parents. Cultural acceptance of gay marriage would help the children understand their unfolding lives in terms of their future, life stories, potential relationships and constructive happiness. According to various social researches there is no significant difference between children brought up by a gay couple to those brought up in traditional families (Walsh 188).

The law should provide frameworks institutionalizing gay marriage, since individuals have the right to love and marriage irrespective of their sexual orientation. Non legitimization of gay marriage would deny the fundamental element of humanity and personal dignity to gay couples. It presents denial of equal rights to as well as emotional balance, since gay couples will never have an opportunity to have legal marriages and families. Legitimization of gay marriage is humanizing as well as traditionalism of the common definition of marriage. Institutionalization of gay marriage is the first step to dealing with issues affecting gay couples, since it is the central institution upon which gay marriages are formed. Conservatives should recognize the existence of homosexuals, who have the same emotional needs and temptations as heterosexuals. This would enable them to support legalization of gay marriage, since they are human beings who desire  love and societal acceptance. The law should ensure equal treatment of all citizens and liberals and should understand that homosexuals are citizens who are protected by the law. Therefore, they should not oppose gay marriages; rather the legal recognition gives the liberals all reasons to support gay marriage (Andrew 407). An intelligent person should also understand that same sex couples are emotionally and sexually attracted to same sex just as heterosexuals are attracted to opposite sex. Therefore, gay marriage should be legitimized, since it is no less than the normal, traditional marriage. Proponents of the same sex legalization argue that non legitimization causes more harm to the involved parties. These include emotional distress, social exclusion and legal victimization of the gay couples.

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