Self, Family and Gender Roles in a Community

The three most imperative issues in my priority list deal with first contemplating on the concept of self, then relating the self to the next social circle, which is family, and lastly, looking deeper at gender roles and how they play a regular part in our daily lives.  First and foremost, before looking at any other relationship or social circle, evaluating one’s own self and individuality is key to better understanding how things work around us.  This self-esteem concept involves first developing a certain self-concept, which is how we define ourselves.  It is only after accepting an identity, whether negative or positive, that we can evaluate it and reach the next step in improving our self concept and connecting it with others.  Furthermore, through evaluation, one is able to reach self nurturance, which is when an individual sets potential goals, keeping them balanced in practicality and appreciating one’s self and abilities. 

            Secondly, families are units from where people originate from, thus becoming a means of identification for them.  They are the social, intimate circles that people behave quite differently with in contrast to any other relationship.  It is also the place that most conflicts occur, thus making it the foundation for development, conflict management and growth.   Thirdly, relating directly with families and self concept, the concept of gender roles is imperative to understand as it divides duties, responsibilities and expectations from one another in any community.  Gender roles are crucial to define clearly by direct communication in order to maintain a balance relationship.  Furthermore, today’s societies have changing views about gender roles and there is much flexibility in relationships to make compromises. 

            Going back to the events of the past seven days, these three concepts played imperative roles in defining my life and affecting my perspectives in a certain way.  Starting from self evaluation, I realized that evaluating major events at the end of a day can be extremely healthy and can help one to avoid making the same mistakes on a daily basis until one becomes immune and they become permanent parts of one’s personality and life.  Self disclosure is crucial, which means that individuals should be comfortable enough to share everything with their own selves and project a controlled image to people around them.  The way one looks at his or herself definitely impacts all decisions made, all relationships started, and all the goals that one sets in life.  The more positive the self image will be, the greater the results will turn out.  Simply staring back to the past few days, I noticed many mistakes that became my habits from the way I sit, eat, and speak to the way I deal with others around me.

             Moreover, I realized that I did not solely affect my overall personality as my family had a major influence on me, both directly and indirectly.  In the past week, I have fought, laughed and even cried with my family members, and I never would have though these things all happened in one week unless I did not engage in self evaluation.  However, I realized that the most important factor is that essentially, I grew with my family emotionally.  Families are playgrounds where one can be their true selves, something that is not even true with friends, as they force people to put up different facades.   I also came to the conclusion that not everyone shares similar family dynamics, especially in today’s time as the meaning of family has changed.  This is also why no two people are alike since their foundations are strikingly different. 

            Even the definition of a man’s duties and a woman’s work has altered and one can find men and women in careers which were traditionally reserved for one gender.  Simply observing my family, I noticed that the men were not the sole breadwinners nor were the women expected to stay submissive and silent.  In fact, today, women battle side by side with men on academic, intellectual and even emotional grounds.  What I did observe however, that contradicted my class notes was that many things depend on female and male nature and that some things will never change.  For instance, women still seem to do most of the housework, not to mention the talking.  It is almost an unsaid rule that women must handle the house at the end of the day, no matter how many hours they have been working outside.  The men on the other hand seem to have it easy at home and are not held accountable for things such as daily chores of cooking and cleaning. 

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