Sexism refers to discrimination of individuals based on their sexes or social gender roles. It is also referred to as gender discrimination. It is a form of demeaning or devaluing a person because he/she is either female or male. Sexism does not develop at individual level, but rather develops from societal beliefs and values. Even though sometimes men also get discriminated, the term sexism is usually used to refer to gender-based discriminations against women. Sexism results from prejudices and pre-informed opinions about individuals. Such prejudices are grounded on baseless reasons, usually formed from negative attitudes towards a particular group of people, traditional beliefs, societal stereotypes or past experiences. Those who exercise sexism often believe that a particular person(s) possess a certain characteristic which affects his/her behavior, conduct and abilities in one way or the other.

Recently, it was reported that Augusta National Golf Club does not register female members. When ask why, the management of the club argued that it is a not a public enterprise and thus can conduct its business as it wills. In my view, this is a callous discrimination towards women. The club should change its membership policies to incorporate female golfers too.

Institutional Discrimination

This refers to gender-based discriminations that usually occur in societal institutions such as workplaces, social gatherings, schools, churches and colleges. In most cases, institutional discriminations often involve mistreatment of women based on the stereotype that men are superior than women and more competent at the workplace. In my opinion, these are unjustified stereotypes that should be wiped out of our modern society. All individuals should be treated equally regardless of their sex or gender.

Women are usually discriminated against performing certain tasks such as taking engineering courses at college or doing electrical works in a construction company. For centuries, women have been view as less competent and of low value as compared to men. It is believed that women’s major role in the society is child-bearing and taking care of their husbands and families. This is an old stereotype that should be highly condemned and stopped. In schools, it is believed that girls have lower mathematical abilities, which is not true. A research by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development revealed that women have less than twenty percent chances of being employed, and when they get employed, they are paid less by approximately thirty percent.

In my view, sexism is an evil in the society. The government should formulate and implement necessary legislations to end sexism within institutions.

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