Social and Formal Group Comparison

A group is generally defined as a collection of people interacting together, basing such interaction on the basis of issues like having shared norms, value or even having similar expectations amongst each other within the group (Mooney & Schacht, 1997). These groups may further be classified as either being social or as being formal (McKenna, 2000, p. 291). Generally the members of any social group are connected through the social relations that they share and mostly are deemed to perform some social roles together.  A formal group on the other hand differs as members are characterized by having a fixed set of rules and procedures which are also coupled by having some carefully designed and rigid structures. In essence, the activities of such a group are coordinated and controlled by a pre-determined system. In a formal group, the members are, thereby, supposed to abide to the rules and regulations that govern them.

Man is known as being a social animal and as such is known to belong to certain groups. I also do belong to some formal and to some informal groups. At the moment, I belong to a social group. The group in most cases does engage in discussing the current events. The group meets at least once a week and discuss on how the politics affect our future and how to protect our investments. This group, however, engages in particular activities, like playing chess; the group has, however, remained informal and devoid of a particular leader and only has an organizer of the group. Safe for this social group, I have also belonged to a math club while being in high school, which was a formal group. The group main activity was indulging in numerous tasks which were supposed to better our math skills. The group was headed by a teacher.

Whereas a social group like the business group is normally casual, a formal one is less casual and should be in writing. The formal groups also have strict rules which all the members are supposed to abide to. Lastly, the formal group ultimate goal is to develop personal relationships amongst the members in contrast to the formal groups.

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