Social Issue: Motivate Parents with Students' Learning


English as a subject may appear challenging to some students in the course of learning and thus it may result in poor grades. If so, parents can be extremely discouraged by their children’s performance in school. As a result they may deny in providing them necessary support for successful study. In this regard, parents need to be motivated in order to offer the required support to those children taking English classes particularly.


Every parent needs to take into consideration that a lot of students at a time attend the same class. Thus, individual students need to be motivated to learn well. This motivation is expected to come both from students as well as from their parents. With proper motivation students are able to learn more and more each day (Woolfolk& Kolter, 2009).

Parents therefore have to build up motivation so that their children would care about their study. In the process of studying English by their children parents ought to have in mind four elements to build proper motivation for them. These elements are goals, needs, beliefs and emotions. These are the core elements every parent needs to apply. Goal is what an individual student is striving to achieve. Need is a biological as well as a psychological requirement from the student. Belief is an impression of what a student thinks is affecting his/her learning. Emotions are expression of one’s inner feelings. Therefore parents need to consider all these elements with respect to their children (Woolfolk& Kolter, 2009).

Paying attention to these elements allows parents to build up confidence in their children in the process of studying. While studying English with their children, parents will be in a position to understand their children’s performance and will be able to help them accordingly. Understanding the performance as well as the learning process of a child is a vital requirement needed in motivating a parent through the learning process of his/her child. Parents will be feeling motivated irrespective of their children’s performance since they are able to understand them well. 

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