Socialization Process

We are in the current century in a world that is intensely worrying but very much full of the most extraordinary promises for the future. Sounds very exciting but when sociology comes into play a broader view must be made. Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups and societies and this implies a very dazzling and compelling enterprise with the subject matter being human behaviour as social beings. According to Griffiths and Giddens, sociology and the scope of it is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis of passing encounters between people on the streets to the investigation of global social processes such as socialization process itself (2006).

Human sociology is affected by a number of things such as people or generally environment. The environment itself also influences human behaviour where both mental and physical stimuli affect behavoural responses. It is very important to understand that familiarity is the usual term by which most people view the world. Sociology demonstrates the need to take a much broader view of why people are as they are, and why they act the way they do. It is in sociology that we are taught about what is regarded as natural, inevitable, good or even true and hence this gives our life a strong influence through the many historical and social forces. It is very important that we understand the very subtle but also complex and profound ways in which people’s lives reflect the contexts of their social experience (Giddens & Griffiths, 2006).

Sociological Perspective

The story of sex and the city is a very saturated one with mass circulation in the US. The national popularity of the series, the market and culture where it has been, the language (new) adopted has created for most women the opportunity to talk about sex, demonstrate the absolute urgency to critically engage with the series as legitimate item or tool of a well known culture and the participants of the series. Many people recognize the strong ideological impact of the series since it reflects on social values and new reconfiguration of power and social relationships. It implies that the series was not constructed on social isolation but has vivid exploitation of socialization processes even though it is rather the cultural manifestation of a new social order as we will witness from the character Samantha Jones.

Sociological human needs come into play especially when the environment has influence on the behaviour and mannerism of most people. People’s perception of the environment influences the social interaction within the particular environment. The interactions can be viewed in terms of privacy, personal interaction levels, territoriality as well as crowding.

It has been argued that was Sex and the City character right to pronounce a marriage cliché or does it mean that a woman of such state as Samantha who is an extreme coupling-averse exist only in imagination. Samantha is one of the four single women friends and is portrayed as sexually promiscuous of all the four with the storyline revolving much around the frequency of her having intercourse. Despite these incidents, she is very confident, outspoken and self-proclaimed. It does not go well since she happens to be the oldest of the four with her own public relations company and also confident in that she had come from a working class background. Would these be some of the reasons for her being social?

Learning to think sociologically implies that one has to think or view life with a broader view and cultivate a real sense of imagination. It is suggested that the study of sociology requires one to think themselves away from the most familiar or daily routines in order to look at themselves a new. It is very plain that Samantha who owns the PR firm is very blunt discussing about her desires and the quest for pleasure for solely pleasure sakes. Even though she rejects monogamy, marriage and children, other friends long for the same things. One of the best qualities she has is loyalty to friends, Samantha tells that judging people is not her style and offers them support even when they go wrong but in the integrity of sociology, must this continue. It is important to note that the state and great achievements of Samantha are very unique and contribute to her confidence in everything she does. It does not matter whether landing a star client, getting a table at the trendiest restaurant or bedding the hottest guy in a room. She embraces her uninhibited sexuality with a diverse group and she takes lust over love with a lot of pride in doing so.

People respond to the environment based on the perceptions, cognitions and spatial behaviour. It is here that we learn that in sociology, the environment means a lot since responses can be very complex and best understood in terms of the above aspects. Perception of the environment in its very strict state refers to the process of becoming aware of the space by the acquisition of information through the sensations of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Probably Samantha is very good at utilizing the perception aspect, by analyzing very critically what she see, touches or smells with how she ends up reacting in the particular situation. Perception and aesthetic would go well in line. The appeal of the environment aesthetically involves the five senses relaying information to Samantha in this case. Her experiences in the various environments she finds herself are normally very complex and especially her individual stand on sex is a very important determinant of the way she chooses to behave when socializing or responding to the environment.

In this case, very vividly do we see that no social space is off the limits since everything is discussed over expensive cocktails, from friendships, careers, relationships, marriage or even the fear of it and sex? In the case of Samantha and her friends socialization does mean not just taking the humble abode of women in the society and to refrain from very absurd positions but rather to talk about their experiences and friendships in a way to get along with people. In Samantha we see that her status in the PR industry would imply that she can take on any man and especially utilizing her passions to control and in the event appreciating the show’s empowerment of female sexuality and the many questions of the traditional gender roles are not even shelved. It is important to note that critical issues arise such as ideologies, the imbedded racial, class, gender and sexual hierarchies of the new sexual framework.

Responses to the Interior and External Environment

Each person responds uniquely especially when they meet confrontations they do not expect. It is suggested in sociology that these responses can fall into three categories including sociological, psychological and physiological and all these are influenced by the factors within the individual person. The sociological determinants are those that relate to the social needs and problems of the person in this case Samantha. Factors that can be very evident pertaining to these sociological responses including group dynamics and communication are therefore considered. In considering the group dynamics which is the interpersonal relationships among members of her small group of four women is a result of the personality and cultural background Samantha has had, the jobs she has done and in this very specific to PR, and the nature of the physical setting. Samantha’s background is very funny to note that she has a desire for men of all types according to Findlings and has no real interests in settling down. Probably this is how she grew up and has just found for herself a bunch of similar thinking ladies with whom to get along (2005).

In the case of Samantha, the social needs would imply friendship, relationship with the opposite sex even though she has reservations about being a mother, and having kids. Throughout the series, Samantha has shown the challenges of traditional gender roles and attitude towards sexuality and points to new social relationship based on the values of female friendships, financial independence, female sexual empowerment, individuality and personal choice. She chooses to have sex with any man she wishes which would simply tell us of the way she gets to socialize with people. It is however clear that she utilizes her status of financial power to exercise the process of domination through consent with limited space for resistance as well as human agency to reject or question the social expectations and roles. Samantha’s main love is men and over the series she sleeps with plenty of interesting characters including men who will only accept if she takes an AIDS test.

According to Ferrante, social facts are the ideas, feelings and ways of behaving which end up processing the remarkable property of existing outside the consciousness of the person. She states that these social facts do not originate with people like Samantha due to the facts that from birth people around tend to impose facts or different ways of thinking, feeling and acting that they had no idea before. This would simply tell us more about how Samantha chooses to socialize with men and women in her life. She probably was not brought us believing in having sex or sleeping any man as long as she has the pleasure but could have been inculcated to behaving they way she has (2005). This is the effect or influence that the environment places inside of us when sociology comes into understanding. The words and gestures Samantha uses to express her thoughts, the systems she uses to make her payments and rules with which she plays her games all have been created before she came to the scene. This implies that the social facts have a life that extends beyond individuals. For Samantha, her socialization processes have been influenced by not only the social facts that exist outside but also the coercive powers from within. There is also the will power where Samantha chooses to align her desires to the will or the social facts that has power to coerce.

In considering her communications, a lot is revealed in her conversation as she would prefer to bluntly tell you whether man or lady what she wants and this she does without apologies.

Psychological Determinants

This is where the sociological processes are contrasted with the other expects standards. In the psychological processes determinants or factors relate to the psychological needs and concerns of the person. These are normally reflected by the different factors such as visual privacy, acoustic privacy and aesthetic factors are always considered. For Samantha, the visual privacy addresses her ability to limit other’s view of herself. It is very normal to have human behave in a way that one avoids situations that one can be watched without being aware of who is watching them. They more likely are concerned about their personal privacy but would like to know who was looking out for them in any case.

In my view Samantha does no display the fact that her ways of socializing differ from what is expected of her psychologically to behave like. She can take on any man or woman at any time whenever she likes. The fact that she is a working class woman who aspires to the dominant mode of femininity, she employs a number of strategies that can be available and only would act in very unlikely manner in front of men. Like on man she takes on openly is the Smith Jerrod in a restaurant that even though the food is horrible, she decides to utilize her strategies with a sole mission of taking him home and succeeds.

Other effects of the psychological description include, acoustic privacy but Samantha does break rules here as well. This is normally the ability to an effective treatment of the acoustic environment as an interrelationship of many components such as furniture, equipment and the floor. Speech privacy is also expected to be achieved in this case to allow people converse in order to result into high levels of social interaction and productivity. Samantha is a very open and avid lady who does not seem to go through these psychological processes and faces people with no apology or secrecy and engages in open talk about what she desires. It is very normal however to find many people experiencing the power of social facts to shape their behaviour when they are introduced t a different social fact that many be in conflict with those they have known and have come to take lightly. In this view Samantha might as well be a very unique character since she does operate in the opposite direction of what the sociologists expect to actually happen. For instance Ferrante says that in the US it is very typical and unacceptable to two men hold hands since if they do so, they would be immediately branded homosexuals while in other cultural background, this is very normal. It could also be agreed that Samantha was raised up from a family or society that has behaved in a given pattern and has found that it is the best way to lead her life and thus has to fore go the major rules and cultural values or norms that could be governing the society (2005).

In conclusions it would be generally agreed that people like Samantha are loose but does it really mean that if sociological processes differ from the psychological processes, people tend to be very vile. It is important however to note that a balance of the two is very important in order to be productive and very much social. The duties of external factors such as wealth and status quo may not be very beneficial especially when a relationship is being founded unless one of the parties is simply interested in the wealth of the other partner. The last very important needs will relate to the physiological determinant that concern the physical needs of various people. These factors are normally considered during the planning stages in order to deal with the various responses which can arise such as functionality, ergonomics, life safety and health concerns. It is thus very important to integrate sociological, psychological as well as physiological aspects of human relations to achieve best results in the process of socialization and interrelationships.

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