The Drugs Factor

The mentioned issues, all affect the city’s society in a variety of ways though the drug issue specifically stands out as affecting most of the characters. Majority of the characters in “Let the great world spin” seem to be either involved in drugs or indirectly affected. The drugs are readily available in this city (McCann 34). Most characters have to face the issue of drug addiction in their lines of occupation indicating how much the drug issue has affected the society (McCann 88).

Corrrigan serves as an informal minister to the many drug addicts and prostitutes who happen to be roaming around the Major Deegan Expressway where he stayed. The husband to Clair had to abandon his earlier ambitions of administering justice. He was faced with lists and parades of prostitutes and drug addicts every day while serving as a judge. Administering justice was tough for him as this was the order of the day of the society in which he now lived. Some of the characters use drugs as a scapegoat from the issues in their lives. For example, McCann introduces Lara a young artist who because of her doomed marriage finds herself to be struggling with the drug addiction. Tillie’s daughter is a hooker and engages in drugs following the hardships the two have faced in life including being held in a prison cell at some point (McCann 102).

Drugs impact significantly on the lifestyles of various characters in the novel and are a key determinant of how most of the events in the novel unfold. Some characters engage in drugs as a refuge away from the social issues they are facing. Others try their level best, to run away from the drugs in an effort to transform their lives into better individuals in the society. This is a clear implication that drugs use is a key symbol in how the plot of the novel develops.

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