The Moral Life of Babies

The paper looks at the moral life of kids and the psychological dimension that is depicted by those moral actions.  The author takes us through psychological experiments which help us to understand these morals. This is preceded by a real life action which triggers the interest I this topic by the author: a kid punishes a puppet for hurting another puppet.

The ideas furthered by this article are interesting and hard to believe. The author is of the opinion that children have morals that later change to adult standards. This change is normally bad as, according to the author, adults do have as good morals as the kids. With reference to past research, Bloom (4) further analyzes a fact furthered in this article that kids have a ‘smartness’ in them that is wrapped in idiocy. This is hard to believe as I find contradicting. What I think is that children have great honesty and truthfulness but they may not have the shrewd mind as Bloom depicts in the article.

In every society there is some level of unfairness and fairness as per the people that live there and what they believe in. Morality at the same time calls for punishment of what is bad and reward of the good things that emanate from others. However, that can only happen in an ideal society. Bloom (6) depicts this society as the one in which kids would live in. he claims that they are so nice and they wouldn’t tolerate anything apart from fairness. In my thinking that is even more idealistic. It is especially true to see kid’s fight over something which forms part of unfairness. And just like in the normal social set up, there are those kids that would advocate for fairness which may have been the area of study for the author (Bloom, 5).

The author is keen on presenting morality experiments to show kids as totally impeccable in that department. One of the experiments involved the pushing of an object up a hill and the help that comes from other balls and observing faces of kids for reaction. Ideally, this is the kind of morality we are looking for. But in real sense this cannot happen as long as people have personal interests and different personalities which shape up as life experiences shape people. Children should have a good and solid foundation of morality as they grow up.

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