The Role of Race and Ethnicity in White Culture

The white race has predominantly described their identity as being cultureless. The situation has made them feel as they are superior to other non white’s community. The situation arises when an individual born in the white culture, refuses to acknowledge the fact that their heritage is vital. Many white people have the view that, their identity of being cultureless is a normal situation. They tend to think they are not attached to any race or even ethnicity, to behave according to a specific cultural idea. Whiteness is considered the standards which the non white’s people, have to keep up with the standards. Non whites are viewed as abnormal and considered as part of a specific ethnicity, and having a culture identity.

When the westerners are referring to music that comes from other parts of the world, that is exclusively not Europe and America, the term world music is present. This leads to the question whether they are from another planet rather than Earth. In most situations, the term ethnic food is commonly used to refer to non European delicacies. This brings into focus the cultureless identity of the white race. White people have been known to use this as a privilege, to get whatever they need in most circumstances. It is also a challenge because they have issues with their self identity, in that they do not understand their heritage. Many whites usually talk about experiencing a culture familiarity, when they attend non western events that are cultural. This shows the lack of ethnicity in the white race, as they are forced to make use of other people culture in order to experience the cultural transformation.

Everyone has an ethnicity as it is one way of life. Culture should not be linked to an individual ethnicity or heritage. It is not right, to identify other people culture by taking some aspects of one cultural heritage, to fill out the puzzle of the cultural emptiness in an individual. It is time individuals including the non white race accepts and respects their culture, as this will encourage each one to appreciate other people culture. The idea of cultureless, originates from the belief that the white race happened to posses the hegemonic force, in relation to the American culture. This has enhanced their view, in encouraging the idea of cultureless heritage in them, ignoring the importance of cultural identity. The mentality that whites are of a superior race, has largely contributed to lack of heritages, and ethnicity in the white people.

The white culture is not visible, in that their way of life is being used by people from other ethnic groups as a tool for comparison. This factor poses an obstacle because it gives the white race power over other cultures, and at the same time, they are left in a dilemma, because they do not have an idea on where they are positioned in terms of cultural alienation. White people consider themselves to live in a world of their own. The main reason why the white culture is considered cultureless is because their way of life has been taken for granted and considered normal.

The solution to this idea is to challenge the reasoning behind the idea that attributes the white race as rational. Every individual display a specific culture, and as Americans, they have their heritage, which   is undefined. The white race happened to be part of sub cultures, and thus contributing to the fact that they are displayed as a race, that portrays other cultures regarding them as not defined to any culture. This has given them an opportunity, to place themselves as the superior race without any cultural inclination.

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