The Theme of Domestic Violence

Marriage is a complex issue that requires couples to have patient and mutual understanding. It calls for openness and dialoging between a wife and husband in case of a problem. A weakness of one person should be complemented by strength of another individual to ensure a successful marriage. If this is not done then a marriage that is expected to be sweat will instead turn sour. This paper briefly but explicitly discusses a failed marriage.

Hurston represents domestic violence in the book Sweat where sweat love turns into hate, (Hurston, 2004. Hurston uses two main characters to represent a couple: Delia Jones as a wife and Sykes as husband. The two have been married for fifteen years. Delia has been represented as hardworking, calm, brave and understanding. Sykes on the other hand is troubleshooter, brutal, abusive and coward.

Hurston, (2004) “Delia was a wash-woman, and Monday morning meant a great deal to her.”This illustrate that Delia was not only how hard working but also enjoyed her work. Her interests in washing is shown in the manner with which she collects and sort out and soak soiled clothes according to degree of dirt. She then neatly hangs them in a great hamper in her bedroom. Delia still affords to remain calm even when provoked by Sykes. For example when her husband kicked all clothes she had sorted with an aim of picking up an argument she never over reacted. 0Instead she walked calmly around him and commenced to re-sort them. This behavior shows that Sykes is rough and provocative person. He even accuses her wife being a hypocrite by going to church. “He stepped roughly upon the whitest pile of things, kicking them helter-skelter as he crossed the room,” (Hurston, 2004).

Sykes is a brutal husband who enjoys battering his wife. Barely two months after their wedding, Sykes brutally clobbered Delia. Despite all these bad behavior from Sykes is capable to leave with him. This shows brave and daring she is. Domestic violence has been a great concern. This has necessitated human right groups come with measures curb such violation of human rights. 

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