The Way Family Changed

A family is supposed to be one of the most significant components of our lives. It provides us with unconditional kind of love and necessary support. Over the years, the attitude towards the family as a vital part of human being has changed. That is why, modern families are a little bit different in comparison with families of the previous century. Let us look at the changes that occurred during the last centuries.

Firstly, the number of members in the modern families is approximately four-five persons while in the past, the average family consisted of more than ten members. The scientists consider this change to come as a result of instability in the society.

Secondly, it is certainly true that modern women have become more independent. They occupy well-paid positions at large corporations and continue climbing up the corporate ladder. As a result, their husbands stay at home and look after the children. In fact, in the past, women used to be homemakers, and their main obligation was to bring up children. That is why, the evolution of the mankind strongly influences the position of men and women in the modern society.

Thirdly, the substantial change took place in the relationship between the members of the family. In the past, people used to be more genuine and open for communication. Today, they are extremely busy with all the unnecessary stuff. Furthermore, parents spend a lot of time cleaning and shopping meanwhile their kids are overloaded with school activities. All of them do not have time to get to know each other.

To sum up, family still plays a great role in the life of everyone, but because of new social trends, it has a little bit changed. However, its main functions still are the most important in the life of the society.

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