Understanding Correlation
  1. The idea of having similar ideals in line with the political and social perceptions, after long marriage periods, is a representation of a positive correlation. This one comes about in a case where all the given variables tend to take one direction in line with any given instance. This clearly comes out when one phenomenon increases; the corresponding one also assumes a positive direction. In relation to the marriage issue in question, the couple will, after some periods of time go on to assume common ideals and relations. They always believe that they are one individual and having a successful marriage and living is their sole goal. This may call for listening and also supporting one particular view and direction. Most of these couples also tend to socialize at given identifiable places and may even segregate against some people in order to achieve their objectives. This fact underscores the main issue that marriage tends to achieve, bonding and enhancing positive relationships. The whole scenario supports a positive correlation as the couple fights towards one sole objective (Ross, 1919).
  2. Studies have always shown if children live in any given orphanage for a long period of time, their IQ scores will be low. This represents a negative correlation. A negative correlation always stands for a scenario where any relationship between two or more parties has one party posing very low results as compared to the effort being put in by the other party. In the case at hand, an orphanage is expected to nurture helpless children in a certain good direction. This is, however, not the scenario here as the IQ levels keep on reducing as the children keep on staying at the orphanage. There are many reasons that may contribute to this, ranging from lack of positive socialization and culture. This leads to the deteriorating levels of intelligence in children. They are not well exposed which renders them prone to immoral behaviors hence finally affecting their reasoning levels. As those children keep on staying in the orphanage they will be forced to face influences that are not hospitable. The fact that they operate and rely on the little aid offered to them by well wishers, all the requirements for positive growth are not met, hence leading to a negative correlation with the IQ levels (Cosmides &Tooby).
  3.  Large American cities always have a great relationship between the given numbers of all violent crimes and also the numbers of available stores that are always out to sell pornography that depicts violence, according to studies. This is Positive correlation. Violent crimes are always prompted by what the victims watch. Pornography always attracts large masses of people, and once the number of those stores selling pornographic movies increases, the violence experienced will also increase. An increase in the number of stores means that the number of people watching the violent pornographic movies will also increase. This will in turn lead to an increase in the rates of violence and crimes. There is a positive correlation between the two since whatever one watches always affects him or her. This introduces a scenario where there will be no responsible behavior in society, and people will want to achieve their goals by the use of forceful means and ways that are not accepted by society. This represents a positive correlation (Ross, 1919).
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