USA Public Policy

Public policy refers to the moral guide and regulator of the actions of the administrators of a state as stipulated by the national constitution. Implementation of public polices is normally the responsibilities of the state administrators or the government.  In the United States of America, public policies are implemented by the federal government through its civil servants. USA Public policies normally originate from constitution provisions, legal guidelines by the judiciary and executive decisions by the government (Rushefsky, 2007).

The three major categories of U.S. public policy include Foreign Affairs and National Security, Economic Affairs and health with their policy examples including budget and taxes, defense spending, and health insurance respectively (Rushefsky, 2007). The policy of defense spending has not been effective due to involvement of U.S military in other countries which has increased defense spending beyond the requirements of the policy. The budget and taxes policy has not been effective either since the spending of the US government seems to increase unreasonably. Majority of the U.S families do not earn enough to support their families.  The Health insurance policy has been effective although there is a lot to be done. Currently over 75% of the USA residents have health insurance which is clear evidence that the federal government has committed itself to implement this policy (Cullingworth & Caves, 2008).

There are four fundamental principles upon which U.S public policy are based on. First and foremost, U.S. Public policy should reflect both presents and future social environmental needs of the US people.  Secondly, public policy should not present harm to the US people and their wealth.  Additionally, benefits of associated with implementing of a public policy should exceed the cost.  Lastly, public policy should be implementable successfully without many challenges (Cullingworth & Caves, 2008).

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