Oct 3, 2018 in Sociology

The ABC model of attitude is about affect, behavior, and cognition. The comments by Mackey concerning the Wild Oats originated from a personal encounter with the CEO of this company. His attitude is very negative because he makes untrue comments online to tarnish the oats company. His intention to destroy the company resulted into an actual behavior of writing destructive comments that revealed his bitter rivalry. He believed on bitter rivalry towards Wild Oats- his attitude object.  

Instrumental values are the modes of behavior preferred whereas terminal values are end-states of existence desired. Mackey’s motive was to achieve a sense of accomplishment since he couldn’t achieve anything. He was just ambitious to bring the Oats Company down. His intelligence helped him analyze the weaker side of the company on the blog. He was able to manipulate the views and attitude of consumers towards the rivalry company. The SEC and FTC reaction towards the antitrust acquisition was unjust although later overruled following an appeal. The blogging behavior was disrespectful towards the CEO hence Mr. Mackey should have been apprehended but there was no solid evidence. Some observers were positive towards the blog comments whereas others were not pleased at all.

From my perspective, John Mackey act was in an unethical manner because it was not the way out to solve his personal grudge. Rather, he could have used other measures to solve it. This is also supported by the fact that FTC and SEC found Mackey guilty of the blogging act although no substantial evidence was available. Although his supporters believed that he was transparent and straightforward, his comments were provocative and impulsive. The comments did not move stocks or disclose insider information hence worthless.

John Mackey is operating on post conventional level of cognitive moral development in stage five that is social contract driven. Mackey hold different opinions, rights, and values towards Wild Oats hence he made the blog comments. Mackey committed a felony by disguising himself as Rahodeb. His morals and ethics are compromised by his behavior and thus seen as having none. Mackey is ought to be in stage six of the post conventional level of cognitive moral development since he compromised ethics as well as the law. There is a conflict between his attitude and behavior revealed by some of the statements attributed to Rahodeb that did not tally with his personal beliefs. This was shown by his colleagues who argued that the distinction existed.

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