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Women Centre is an organization formed in colleges and campuses. Women Centre focuses on providing students, staff, and faculty with a comfortable and challenging environment so that they can be concerned with the myriad issues that revolve around gender. Functions that abound in Women Centers include counseling of women in crises, reduction of abortion cases, and empowering of women. Thus, the aforementioned functions provide the objectives of Women Centers, which operate alongside the organization’s goals that include the notable enhancement of women’s psychological, financial, career, and legal well-being of women in institutions. With these goals and objectives, research indicates that women’s self-esteem will be improved significantly in colleges; thus, they will be able to compete fairly with men in education and job openings. In addition, women will be emancipated from coercive relationships as they become familiar regarding their rights and potential, which results from awareness programs offered by the Women Center (Altbach, 112).

This essay explicates Women Center’s objectives and provides an analysis regarding the organization’s goals. In addition, the paper examines how the Women Center’s objectives and goals influence the college environment.

Women’s Center Objective

Firstly, Women Centers intend to create awareness regarding women’s problems in both academics and employment. According to Chamberlain, The organization welcomes people of all genders to its membership because that facilitates conveying of the message regarding the challenges faced by women while at the same time helping the women overcome the challenges that they face (75). Women Center is successful in this function because it employs several channels in creating this awareness and the methods employed include publishing periodicals that focus on women’s problems, organizing seminars, and conferences to discuss issues that threaten the female child. Another area that Women Center focuses on is the creation of awareness regarding the effects of abortion in colleges and campuses. Women Center participate in this function with the aim of ensuring that abortion cases reduce significantly in colleges and campuses because they lead to the loss of lives.

Secondly, Women Center focuses on enhancing women’s lifestyles through improving their financial, psychological, career, and legal well-being. The organization does so through providing women with financial aid to facilitate completion of their studies, which improves their chances of being employed. In addition, the organization provides financial aid to enable fighting of cases, which involve women discrimination in career or in relationships within institutions of higher learning. Howe and Levin assert that, without such a program, women would be sidelined in institutions that have been for the better part a male dominated industry (51).

Another significant objective of Women’s Center is to raise awareness among women regarding their roles and socialization in society. Research points out that Women’s Center employed this objective after noticing the discrimination that was eminent on women in society. Notably, the awareness on gender roles is aimed at socializing women into narrow and circumscribed gender roles (Kramarae and Spender, 115). In addition, it helps women to elevate and widen their aspirations to discover their potential as human beings.

Analysis Concerning Women’s Center Goals

One of Women’s Center goals is to reduce instances of abortion in colleges and campuses. This goal is achieved through offering of support regarding how to maintain a pregnancy and living healthily. Women in colleges are usually faced with problems regarding how to maintain pregnancies that they get unwillingly or when they are not ready. Thus, Women’s Center aims at improving the confidence of women especially students who get themselves in such situations and encounter pressure from their studies (Kramarae and Spender, 121).

The second goal of Women Center is to offer guidance and counseling services to women in an institution (Chamberlain, 51). With Guidance and counseling services, women are encouraged through the challenges that they encounter daily such as intimidation or coercion by some of the male members of an institution. Guidance and counseling services are also offered to women who find themselves in compromising situations such as having unwanted pregnancies and the male counterparts are not supportive (Stark and Buzawa, 162). Women who find themselves in such situations usually contemplate abortion; thus, the need for a Women Center to help them fight the stigma in institutions.

Another goal of Women’s Center is to provide financial assistance to women. This is done especially to women who have the potential to perform well academically, but lack the capacity to continue their education due to lack of funds. Such women are provided with scholarships to enable them to rise in the societal ladder (Pasque and Sax, 77). This is genuinely helpful to such women because without such assistance they will not be able to complete their college degrees, which make them, compete unequally in the job market (Kramarae and Spender, 142).

Women Center also has a goal of securing women job placements in institutions. This is facilitated through creating awareness when there is a job opening for qualified candidates to apply. In addition, Women Center lobbies for equal employment opportunities in colleges and campuses, which facilitates women’s employment into certain posts in institutions. This is a good pursuit for women center as it ensures that opportunities are created for women because they tend to be sidelined from certain posts (Zhou, 32).

Finally, the Women’s Center efforts are visible in the manner they assist in fighting cases for women. They try to live up to this goal through offering both financial and psychological help to women that have cases in courts. Women Center ensures their support is felt in such a matter through getting lawyer to help one of their own and sometimes engaging in campaigns if they feel that a member is innocent or deserves justice.

Influence on College Environment

With the aforementioned objectives, Women Center is aims to influence the college significantly. Firstly, college environment will be influenced in that many women will be seen around colleges pursuing their diplomas and certificates, as they will not relinquish their college studies because of cases involving unwanted pregnancies or lack of fees (Howe and Levin, 25). Secondly, with the presence of counseling services provided by the Women Center, women will be able to survive the many dire situations that they are exposed to; thus, they will perform well in their studies. Thirdly, the Women Center will influence the college environment through ensuring that women are not sidelined in essential appointments that they merit because it will be providing information regarding job openings and lobbying for women who merit to serve in such positions (Stark and Buzawa, 112). Lastly, the Women Center will influence the college environment through ensuring that no woman is discriminated against, which is done through creating awareness among the male members of the society.

In conclusion, Women Center is a significant body in a college. This emanates from the above-mentioned objectives and goals regarding Women Center. For instance, Women Center aims at empowering women to succeed both academically and professionally. This will impact the college environment, as it will ensure the number of women in a college does not drop to minimal levels as they will stay in college to pursue their dreams. In addition, it will ensure that women are employed in notable positions as the Women Center provides information regarding job openings and lobbies for their employment. Lastly, it will influence the college environment, as there will be minimal cases of aborted pregnancies.

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