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The Trial by Franz Kafka

Joseph K. is the protagonist of Franz Kafka’s one of the most renowned works, a novel The Trial. K. is accused of some crime. Throughout the novel, the man is not familiarized with the charges, nor is the audience. Basically, the plot of the novel revolves around K.’s case and how he is dealing with the situation. K. holds “a relatively high position”... Details

Poetry Assignment

Langston Hughes lived long and interesting life. He has written a great number of novels and plays, short stories and critical essays, was good in translations, and collected folklore anthology. Nevertheless, the true identity of his talent was revealed in the verses. That is why Langston Hughes became one of the largest national poets of the twentieth century. Langston Hughes has touched major social and racial problems in his works. The issues of racial transition, discrimination and exploitation of ... Details

Antigone and Creon as Two Opposite Images of the Law

The tragedy Antigone by Sophocles was written on the mythological story of the Theban cycle. It was not a part of the trilogy, as it was in Aeschylus, but it is a completely finished product... Details

Great Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant was born in August 1850 in a place commonly known as Normandy. While at this town, he experienced every type of freedom and this gave him a chance to... Details

Macbeth and Maqbool

William Shakespeare was an excellent English poet and writer, judging from his great poetry pieces. He was also a remarkable, world-renowned playwright and actor as well... Details

Review of Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940

History of Chinese Immigration to the US is very complicated and it was analyzed in various books by American and Chinese authors. When first immigrants from... Details