A&P Short Story by John Updike

The first question in asking the analysis of the shorts story, how does Sammy feel about his work and how can create relevance from the short story. The narrator himself is the cashier in the A&P store. The narrator, Sammy describes himself and the job he does in the store. From most of the comments and the way he perceives his boss, the store manager he is feed up with the work he is doing even the people he is working with. Example he pities his married friends when they try to ogle the girls. Sammy the narrator’s job is boring even though the A&P store’s environment is pretty.

Question 2: The comment and the context in which Sammy mocks his colleague Stokisie that he will be the manager when the A&P will change to The Alexandrov and Petrooski Tea Company in 1990, the timing of this context shows the changing trends in the marketing industry of the postwar time in the United States of America. The mockery on his friend, illustrates he is immature even though he is married with two kids. Sammy’s behavior is optimistic in sense in that he believes that Stokisie is not yet mature to run the store and that the store will not remain the same it will change from its current holdings of a supermarket.

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Question 3: From the short story the narrator himself does not say whether he is going to college. But in the end of the he quits his job from the store by being feed up and the way the manger treated the three ladies. After the manager embarrassed the girls, Sammy decided to quit his job even though he did not want hurt his mother and father. From the way he acted he is compassionate but in the same time young and egotistic full with proud. He quit his job without ay particular place e was going to start building his new life.

Question 4: The supermarket environment is very boring even though it is beautiful from the many decorations and the fluorescent lights illuminating the store. The longer hours in which one works in that environment will affect one’s way of perceiving the real world situations.

Question 5: The grocery store is located in the North of the Boston town where it surrounded by two banks, the newspaper store, three real-estate offices and the congregational church. This may have the effect of exposure to the outside life.

Question 6: Sammy felt the need of desire when the girls walked in and about the store. He even developed the desire of protecting them from the policy which the manager was telling the girls to behave modestly and dress, till he quits his jobs thinking the girls will appreciate his help.

Question 7: Sammy finally quits his job, thought simple reason through which he quits his is the way the manager embarrassed the girls but it’s just an excuse. Sammy wanted the girls since he followed them outside immediately after his quitting and particularly he was bored working in the same store with the unchanging environment.

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Question 8: Through the many hardships in life especially when he doesn’t have a start point it will be tedious to start over again but from my point of understanding he will okay. Having disappointed his parents by quitting I guess he will have less support. Therefore if he will be okay is by working hard.

Question 9:  Yes I have worked like an intern in a certain software company in a position which was not my career oriented. I was being given odd jobs which were not in my job descriptions this lead to me quitting after finishing my internship even though they offered me a job.

Question 10: Mine was different but almost the same the environment was boring even though the company was situated in a vast city with many people and decent surroundings.

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