A Red, Red Rose

Different authors have unique presentation of their ideas, which narrows down to the form and stylistic element within a certain poem. ‘A Red, Red Rose’ and ‘Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night’ are poems with different meanings or focus and forms. However, poems may share certain aspects, which bring some similarity in the presentation of ideas. Authors may decide to utilize one or more of the following elements; imagery, symbolism, figures of speech. Nevertheless, other elements such as language and word choice, tone, themes, rhythm and rhyme schemes may put in to the general success of the author in presenting certain ideas.

In ‘A Red, Red Rose’, the author utilizes similes and metaphors in bringing out love where love is the main theme. These elements offer the poem a traditional melody that provides a concise portrayal of true love (Burns, 2012).  The poem provides good rhythm and rhyme scheme that give it a musical flow. The tone of the poem is full of love, gentle and calm. Love is compared to red rose, which when fresh appears tiny and fragile (Burns, 2012). The speaker also compares the love to a melody, which can be repeated without losing its sweetness. The last words for line 2 and 4 of each stanza rhyme, which offers a rhythmic element. The poet utilizes informal language as in the case of ‘Luve’ instead of love and writes the poem in the old dialect.

The poet brings out the positive elements of growing old through the utilization of frequent and constant repetition including other poetic devices. The opening of each stanza presents a different man.  Rhyme scheme has been utilized in the poem with the commonest being A-B-A although the last scheme is A-B-A-A. Personification is utilized in line 8 in which the speaker talks of frail deeds. Figurative language is utilized for example, “wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight (Smith, 2011).” Assonance is utilized in which tears are regarded as fierce in line 17 (Smith, 2011). Simile has been utilized to describe blind eyes. The poet utilizes formal language with the contemporary English. The tone is sad since the poem talks about death and old age.


All elements that poet utilize within their poems contribute to the general implication of the poem and themes that revolve around the poem. The first poem instilled the feeling of love while the second one instilled the feeling of sadness. The first poem gives insights on the strength of human love and that love can only be compared to the finest things in life. The second poem gives insights on the old age and its importance to the young together with roles of death.

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