British Literature

1) Why The Pardoner Tries to Sell Relics to Other Pilgrims Even Though It Was a Scam.

The pardoner’s tale is a classical and one of the most critically discussed Canterbury Pilgrims poems. It is a tale that tells the story of a pardoner and his tricky methods that he relies on so that he can profit from other people. The tale highlights the character of the men of God and how they preach water while drinking wine. The tale highlights how the actions of the pardoner contradict his words. The pardoner believes that greed is the root of all evil and this is shown in the tricks that he performs before his congregation so that he can profit. The pardoner is a greedy man and it is for this reason that he uses a scam to sell the relics to other pilgrims. He believes in his ability to persuade people to do as he asks them and thus goes ahead and tries to sell the relics. He states himself that he does so for, “to Wynn (to profit)” and that it has nothing to do with the correction of sin. Consequently, this is in line with the moral root of the tale that money is the root of evil and the scam highlights how money made the pardoner an evil man.

2) The Relationship between Men and Women in Wife’s Bath Prologue and Tale.

The wife of bath is a tale told by a woman and is one of the most famous of any of the Canterbury Pilgrimage tales and prologues. The tale begins with a rather long prologue which speaks of a woman who has been married for five times to five different husbands. The prologue highlights the tricks the woman has been using on her husbands to be in control of them. Ultimately, the relationship shown in the prologue is the one of a master and a servant and the woman uses every trick to be in control. The tale itself shows that the relationship between man and woman is that of dependence. That man and woman depend on each other in order to survive. This is highlighted when the Queen saves the Knight who has raped a woman from being sentenced to death. The knight is given one year to find out what women desire the most. The answer to this question is found in an old “lothly” lady who wants the knight to marry him so that she can give the answer. It shows the struggle of women to achieve master status over men so that they can please their husbands. In the end, it is clear that there is no wife without a husband and no husband without a wife and thus, the relationship between men and women is a mutual one and they need each other in order to ‘multiply and fill the earth’(Stephen & Abrams & Deidre, 2012).

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