Character Comparison

Literature works provide practical life experience that we have to be ready to face in the course of life. Through the literature works being presented, a lot can be learnt which aims at preparing us towards the tough life we are heading. This can be evident in the work of Ernest Hemingway titled “The Sun Also Rises” and “Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston through the characters used. Throughout literature work, it is true that our out of palace affect our destiny. This will be the core of this essay as it will compare different characters in the story to justify and elaborate on the theme.

The main character in the story “Their eyes were watching God”, Janie is portrayed as a lady who was so ambitious and could not define her destiny since she was out of place. In the first instance, she was a black who was brought up by a grandmother. Having been under her grandmother, she had no choice but to listen to whatever her grandmother was telling her in relation to whom she was to marry. Her being out of place affected her destiny in choosing the right man for her but instead her grandmother chose a man for her. Throughout the story, the main character has undergone several out of place which has affected her destiny. She is portrayed in the story as one of the black women who did not find happiness as their destiny were affected by forces which they could not resist and knew very little. Similar incidences are also witnessed in other characters in the story as Phoeby has family responsibilities, which ties her and has no time to engage in other activities as other black ladies does (Fuchs 43).

In the story “The sun also Rises” by Hemingway Ernest, the main character, Jacke Barnes is portrayed to have been shaped with forces beyond his control in defining his destiny. He was a World War I veteran, young American who had injuries and made him impotent. His impotent condition and other injuries he suffered during World War I have shaped his destiny, which he has little to do with. As much as he tries to find the lady of his love, he fails to get her as a result of his physical condition which undermines the pursuit and the sense of worth. He together with other characters in the play represent the individuals whose destiny has been shaped by other forces hence they lack values and direction.

From the above literature works, Jacke Barnes and Janie Crawford are sharing a common ground of looking for happiness in different ways as a result of shaped destiny beyond their control. Jacke is pursuing to find happiness through a lady who she got into a relationship with when he  was hospitalized during World War I. This has made Jacke make several fruitless efforts. He had also been drinking with friends who did not care about him in efforts to make himself happy as when he said “ the silence may derive from feelings too intense to reduced by words” he meant that he could no longer remain silent for this long and the option was to drink (130) (Hays 270). Similarly, Janie had her destiny shaped by her grandmother, and since then, she has been in search of happiness which has all been in vain. She has been continuously getting married which does not work and leaves her looking for next moves. For instance, she first married Logan Killicks as her grandmother wished without her loving him before finally leaving relationship to look for love elsewhere. Her relationship with Joe Starks did not work well until he died since she was not left to speak her mind similar to her love Tea Cake.

Nanny Cramford in the play “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is one of the characters who looked for happiness and prestige through defining other people’s destiny. She values material things and wealth. This is in contrary to Count Mippipopolous who is very rich and throws money around. The two have distinguished lifestyles as many looks for money through defining to her granddaughter who she should marry; Mippipopolous have been a war veteran who is proud of his scars. They have fallen the victim of the circumstances as they are defining their destiny at the expense of others. Notably, Mippipopolous must have gotten his wealth from the war he fought which nevertheless, made others be poor at his expense. Similarly, Nanny got material wealth as a result of seducing her granddaughter to the rich men.

Most of the characters in the play have found their destiny shaped by forces which they could resist. This has been the core theme of this story as each of the major characters looks for their destiny, which is still gloomy. Jacke Banes have been searching for ways on improving his life since he can not get a lady of her choice. This has been as a result of shaped destiny by forces which emanated during world war leaving him with injuries and being impotent. His ability to hang with friends has been as a result of pursuit for happiness from people who do not bother about him leaving him to engage in irresponsible drinking. Similar experience of search for happiness as a result of shaped destiny is realized from Janie. Her destiny was predetermined by her grandmother as she looked for rich men to marry her granddaughter in exchange for material wealth. This has put the characters in situations which they did not look for making them re-examine their destiny.

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