City of Emerald

The main character Elphaba moves to live in the City of Emerald where she encounters some of her friends they were together in college. There are a number of texts that refer to the modern world as depicted by the character. The book has commented on the current world in a number of ways. First of all, it is important to point out that the modern world is full of illicit love affairs. There are so many young people who get involved in illicit love affairs in our current world. This is well illustrated with the relationship between Elphaba and her lover in the city of Emerald.  The author through intertexts has mentioned that the world has been associated with evil deeds by humans and some of them are very hard to forgive. A good example is when evil is propagated against other people and causes death. “Would you ever forgive me for that accident, for the death of your sister.”( Maguire 513). This phrase is a depiction of the fact that the author is concerned about the evil that humans do against humans in the world today and even in the past. There is also emphasis on the fact that witches and other forms of evil are ordinary in the world today. This is evidenced when the author paints an ordinary picture of the witch in the book. “He mopped his brow with the handkerchief and sat down, motioning the Witch to sit, too:.( Maguire 447). This is indeed a demonstration that witches are not extraordinary beings in the world today because they have similar characteristics with the ordinary human beings.

In conclusion, it is vital to mention that Maguire has used texts and intertexts to deliver the message concerning the wickedness that man was capable of doing in his history and in the world today.

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