Deconstructing Marge

Piercy Marge is considered a passionate author and poet who has done great works in the field of writing through here style of writing that highly draws ideas from her personal experience in her past life. Her writing is mainly a reflection of those specific experiences that she underwent in her life. She was from Detroit from a family of working parents but struggling through depression. Among the aspects that she explores in her writing is poverty in working class families. She became the first member of her family to attend collage by going to University of Michigan through a scholarship program. Her mother played a great role by introducing her to ideas of becoming strong and independent woman ideas which later highly influenced her writing through her topics and thinking. The topics she explores shows her ideas and what she advocates in life and is further explored through her actions in breaking up her marriage as a result of being treated as inferior by her husband. Her writing and the roles she played in life was not upheld by her husband and it partly led to her actions.

Piercy Marge writings are highly influenced her interest in feminist activism and political ambitions. Her writings are a reflection of the issues and things that she supports and fights for. She brings out the themes of passion and dedication through her works and which display a great deal of commitment to political involvement and through her stand on issues regarding women in the society. Her works contain a truthful and an open outlook on the phenomenon in the world that she observes and they highly contribute to the honest and rich writing that she produces. Her poems main themes have revolve around woman independence, and have done writings to try and bring out the idea of independent women who in most circumstances do not fit into the societal classic and expected image. Piercy Marge shows the expectations that have been put upon women especially through her poems ‘What Are Big Girls made Of’ and ‘Belly Good’. She directly comes out through her writing and confronts female image expectations and the initiative that most women take to be able to live up to these expectations. ‘Belly Good’ is quite different as it discusses a human body part the belly which she cherishes.    

“Barbie Doll’ is one of Piercy Marge poems done in four short stanzas that provide a contemptuous review of societal and cultural expectations that American culture and the society places on young children especially young girls. A short summary of life of the girl is given in the poem that begins with birth and ends with a sad picture of her funeral. The entire poem can be said to have lots of sadness, and is written with a tone of sadness and depression. The young girl is presented as being apologetic about her culturally unacceptable image. The girl poses an image that is not supposed to be wrong in a practical sense but rather viewed as wrong in comparison to what the American society typically presents as being the ideal woman. Piercy Marge brings out the poem in resonance with the past of many Americans. She narrates well how the young girl was given dolls that did ‘pee pee’ and had tiny lipsticks the color of cherry candy. Piercy Marge uses concrete examples that many American people are familiar with and further uses a brand name of Generic Electric that many Americans are familiar with and gives the story a good chance of resonating with the readers past. Through her tone, the reader is able to see and realize what ideas Piercy Marge was trying to put across. The examples she uses depicts the ideas that ultimately causes the young girl to have a feeling of no satisfaction or lack of self satisfaction, the perfect look, perfect bodies and perfect faces. Piercy Marge goes further from depicting the lack of satisfaction and shows its consequences. The girl is portrayed unacceptable to culture though she is depicted as very healthy intelligent, traits that were to be considered the apex of ‘right’ or ‘correct’. The girl tries to please everyone at first, which soon the good nature faded away. As the girl passes on and is lying dead in a casket, the people in the society are finally happy, nailing the point home that they did not approve of her life. The author uses irony by asserting that the girl had achieved acceptance, not on the virtues of her being and character, but through the unwilling compromise to culture. The dangers of false standards and the consequences that surround its acceptance and application are depicted through the poem. Piercy Marge tries to advocate that a people should not be judged to a single, high standard, but instead be judged according to their own achievements, ethics and values.         

‘Belly Good’ is another great work of Marge Piercy though quite different from ‘Barbie Doll’. The tone here is much lighter and brighter than the tone used in ‘Barbie Doll’. She uses a lot of similes to describe ‘the belly’ a human body part that she cherishes and loves. She uses descriptive words and phrases that display her thoughts about the belly. She mainly uses food stuffs in her description for example carrots, potatoes, apples and cabbages are used to bring out the lumpy stuck that she does not associate with the belly, but uses seal hauled in the winter sun that is sleek as the belly.

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