Dracula Versus Twilight

Dracula and twilight are similar in the sense that the main characters are vampires, and they have the power of invincibility and immortality. In Dracula, all vampires are evil, as opposed to twilight where some vampires use their powers to help the society. Not all the vampires are evil. They have similar storylines with differing details in the manner with which the protagonists act. The characters are perfectly portrayed, with pictures that clearly and distinctly draw out the traits of the characters. The visual qualities help develop the story line by keeping the audience engaged. There are some differences in the texts. Twilight revolves around the noble nature of some of the vampires. There are evil vampires, but there are some noble ones. On the contrary, Dracula portrays the protagonist as an evil character who has a liking for human blood and turns individuals into vampires. When he drinks their blood, he either turns them into vampires or kills them. However, in twilight, a vampire drinks the blood and kills the victim. In Dracula, the narrator uses the third person point of view because it portrays the protagonist in a perspective that the audience can understand. Twilight is also narrated in the third person, and the author uses this point of view to ensure that the audience understands the characters. I enjoyed twilight more because the characters are younger and the author made it an easy read. It was intriguing to see that, although unreal, vampires can have a noble side. The pictorials tell the story perfectly and keep the audience entertained.

About the character

About the setting

About the lifestyles

in these stories






Set in ancient times when the proud count had to put on a brave fight for a position of power. The pictures portray the setting and give the reader n idea of the fictional location in which the story is set.

He had a proud but disappointing family, and he lives a lavish lifestyle. He has had to put on brave races in the quest for lordship. He enjoys being in a position of power.

Edward Cullen from







Set in the present day, twilight tells the tale of vampires in need of survival on a society that is quite afraid of their existence. The schools, the abodes and the places they frequent are mirrors on the present society.

He lives a simple lifestyle and even goes to school. All this is in disguise, and he hopes that no one will realize that he does not age and he is a vampire.

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