Dreamland by Edgar Allan Poe Poem Review

This is a poem that was written from a different world. It was an imaginational and creative work that was used to describe the fate of the human soul. There are many passages that the soul goes through, and there is tension and unsure mood that the persona gets into as he moves to the next stage in life. There are many obstructions, but the person manages to go through them despite being unaware of the next step that he would take and the next experience he would face. The author uses several methods and to pass the message he intends and these will be discussed in the paper.


The author has capitalized some of the words that he consider key to the understanding of the reader. They bring a deeper and a more critical meaning to the reader. The words NIGHT, SPACE, and TIME are all capitalized. They are key to the poem, and the writer insists on them. Throughout the whole poem, there is the notion of a new world that the persona is visiting, and this world is characterized by fictional and imaginary features. The night the author talks about is not the usual night but a night that is more like death, a night that would never go back to day. If there was be any other light that would be experienced in future, it would not be the normal daylight but a different form of daylight. This way, the author uses the night as a transition between the current world and life to bring another form of life that one wakes up in.  Space and time as well are the other features that are used to describe and authenticate this transition and to ensure that the reader knows that the persona is in a different world altogether. The three words are, therefore, put in the first stanza of the poem so that the author can move away from the current world into the world that the persona is so that they can move together in imagination and throughout the poem.

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The author uses the rhyme in the poem. Every two consecutive lines are rhymed. This is a very important tool that the author has used to bring the flow of ideas and movement in the poem. For instance, the first two lines

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,

The words ‘only’ and ‘lonely’ have the same sound at the end, and they are both conspicuously placed at the end of the lines. They bring the flow and insist on the language used to make the poem interesting to read giving a little tension and curious mood to the reader. With the style, the author helps the reader with flow and a friendly tone throughout the poem. It is made further important by the fact that it has been used throughout the piece of art with every two consecutive lines rhyming. The two lines quoted above simply insist on the loneliness and cold that was at the path that the persona walked along. By the use of rhyme, the reader is tensioned from the start and would be eager to know why, where, and how the persona would happen to be walking on such a lonely and seemingly cold path, and where he was headed for. This small psychological tension is important as it keeps the reader on in an attempt to understand every detail of the poem.


The poem uses a very distant and effective form of metaphor. It describes a new land and environment that is not and cannot be experienced in the real world. It is a world that is unreal and can only be used to mean heavenly and unearthly features. In the second last line in the poem, the persona talks of ‘home’. This is where the whole journey through the cold and lonely path led them. By home, we might understand that it is the earthly home, but the author uses this to mean ultimate fate where the soul goes to after death. The poem simply gives a brief analysis of the human soul before it actually arrives to its destination. In my understanding, the author intends to use the poem to describe Purgatory which is the path that is followed by souls before they get to Heaven. It can, therefore, be argued that the whole poem is a metaphor itself that is used to try and describe Purgatory. The journey and experiences throughout the poem describe the movement of the body before it eventually reaches heaven. It is, therefore, in the imagination of the author that there is Purgatory and that this is the way that souls reach Heaven, which, in this case, is metaphorically represented by home.

Figurative Language

The author uses foreign terms that were otherwise used to define different issues altogether. The author has used the words Eidolon and Thule to describe some of the features that would be experienced in the foreign world. This helps the reader to understand the poem and make an interesting reading enjoying it. Some of these terms were used in the Greek history. The word Eidolon was used in the Greek literature to mean the shade of a dead person. In the poem, the shade was used to describe the night. Thule is used to describe a distant land on the earth in European literature and world mapping. In the ancient times, it was assumed that Thule was very distant, and some think that it is the present day Norway. The author uses these terms to describe unknown and distant regions. It shows that the land that the persona is walking through is unknown to humans and it is very distant from what man’s imagination can get to.

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Comparison with “Pudd'nhead Wilson”

The two pieces of writing are different in most ways. While they are both fictional, they revolve around different themes. The poem is used as a symbol of the journey of the soul, and the persona is experiencing things that cannot happen to human but the soul. On the other hand, the plot in “Pudd'nheadWilson” is a fictional story that involves the normal lives of human beings. This way, we cannot say that there is little similarity between the two writings.

Despite the main difference in plot, the two are similar as they both carry the reader through a period of transition. The poem bridges the reader from the current life to a different life and form. In the novel, the same experience is seen when Valet de Chambre is transformed to Tom after a long period of hiding from the rest of the world. He had been taken away from the normal life by Roxy to avoid being sold to a master who lived further down south. The transition was not easy, and there were problems that Tom experienced. These new experiences that he had to get used to as he changed lifestyle and went back to old Valet could be equated to the experiences that the persona in Dreamland went through.

The tone in both pieces is almost similar because they are both in a mood that is unsure, and there is a form of tension that envisages the reader. This is an important feature that the authors of the two writings have successfully used in their works.

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