Emma Bovary

Madame Emma Bovary can be described as an ambitious woman whom due to too much reading of romantic novels, expects her marriage to be as perfect as portrayed in the factious novels. She fails to understand why her marriage is not as blissful as she expected from the reading of her novels. This greatly affects her emotionally and she is seen to be greatly disillusioned since she is unable to attain her ambitious level of a perfect marriage. Emma’s ambition of experiencing true happiness is also illustrated when she excitedly makes changes in her matrimonial décor in her quest to find the long sought for- true marital bliss (chapter 5)

Emma is illustrated as a lustful woman who is discontented with her husband and feels happy in the company of the marquis' senile father-in-law simple because it is rumored that he was once in love with Marie-Antoinette. She is further seen to be so elated to dance with "vicomte" though she has never danced before even with her own husband.  She is seen to greatly regret in her thought as to why she ever married Charles and wishes that had she waited a little longer, she could have met her right man (Chapter 7). Emma’s action of throwing her wedding bouquet in the fire symbolizes that she has broken her wedding ties and it further illustrates that she is openly declaring that she can be open to welcome any relationship besides the one that she has with Charles (Chapter 9).

Emma is a discontented woman whom as illustrated in the novel was never contented with anything. She is described as a woman who really enjoyed her adolescent life in the convent though for a short period of time before getting bored with the convent life and then leaving. She is further illustrated to be discontented with the life at her father’s firm and when Charles asked for her hand in marriage, she was more than willing elated as she saw it s a chance to escape the boring firm life into a happy blissful marriage life (Chapter 6).Emma can be seen to be discontented with the way her husband treats her and regrets why she ever married him (Chapter 7).At the marquis' Emma enjoys dancing with other partners instead of her husband  whom she has greatly lost affection. The event is seen to linger in her mind for long and she daily despises her life while longing for another event as the one at the marquis’ or a trip to Italy. Emma is portrayed as woman discontented with her lifestyle leading to her living a lifestyle full of imagination and fantasy

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