Evaluative Essay of Literary Event

Two months ago, I happened to be one of the people who witnessed the launch on of the most selling books in the country. The book contains different parts each of them featuring on a key social issue. This therefore makes the book to capture the attention of many people because it acts as a reflection of the societies we live in, and also goes to an extent of proposing possible solutions to myriad problems people experience in their day to day life. One the key topics in the book which attracted my attention are different types of families and their significance in the society. My interest particularly was the issue of single parent families and therefore I had to read this topic page by page so as to grasp the view of the author. The launch of the book was very significant as the book sheds light on the social values in the society and more so in building strong families.

The criteria that I have used for the analysis of this event are whether the launch was entertaining for the audience. It is important to note that launching of books is done to captivate the audience so that they can see the importance of book and if the launch fails to capture the audience’s attention, there is likelihood that the sales of the book will be low. Another criteria used is whether the launch involved the audience. By involving the audience a literary event is likely to influence those attending to feel the value of their time. The relevance of the book content to real life situation has also been used to analyze the success of this event the more relevant an event is the more t audience is able to connect with the event. Learning of new ideas from the audience has also been used to gauge how good this event was. Learning of a new idea from an event makes a person feel the worth of attending the literary event. How comfortable I was in the event has also been used as criteria to determine the success of this book launch. A good event should not be disturbing either emotionally or otherwise.

The author in his introductory statement noted categorically that single parent families are on the rise nowadays and said that a great percentage of this can be attributed the weakening of social values (Geoff 10).  According to me, this point is a very strong point as far as analyzing the alarming increase in single parented families. In every contemporary society where the norms and values are very critical, family can not be well defined without looking at both father and mother figure. Society has assigned socially designated roles to the man as well as the woman in the family set up. This therefore means that the absence of either mother or father in the family setup means unfulfilled responsibilities. At times this may derail the society’s objectives of bringing up people who are socially modeled by the family which is the root of socialization process.

I can fully support the author’s arguments that social values seem to no longer hold much importance today as far as dictating how people should live is concerned. Instead, people have become more egocentric and therefore follow their inner desires in pursuit of a living a life which is satisfactory to them. For instance, gone are the days when women used to suffer silently in abusive marriages because coming out of the marriage would make them be labeled as social misfits. By then, they would rather bear the pain and abuse from their spouses than to divorce because this would also affect the way their children would be perceived by the society at large. The case seems to be different nowadays and the society has also become very accommodative to personal views and opinions, something some people see as the bottom-line of weakening of social values and norms (Carlson 18).   Therefore, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the point the author is trying to elaborate is well supported by facts and therefore of relevant contribution as far as the topic is concerned.

Still on the issue of single parent families, he noted that there has been a massive change in the lifestyles of people hence prompting high divorce rates. It is quite true that the lifestyle of people has been influenced by a number of factors such as technology (Carlson 20).  Media which is a product of technology has played a key role in influencing people’s minds hence perception of the issue of families. For instance, by media portraying single- parenthood as being trendy and full of freedom, many people may end up being brainwashed towards thinking of leading such kind of life.

Billboards which are mediums of communicating have also been used to convey messages inclined to change perceptions of people. For instance a few years back there was particular advert in a billboard which elicited a heated debate on its authenticity. The message on the billboard was so short and straight to the point” life is too short, hurry up and get a divorce”. This message definitely sounds very inciting and may have an impact of luring people into seeking divorce which eventually will increase the number of single parent families. However, the author’s arguments on change of people’s lifestyle seems to take a one sided approach; that is looking at its contribution towards divorce while overlooking other causes of single parent families such as death of spouses, and getting children out of wedlock. This point according to me seems not to be supported by a lot of facts and therefore subjected to a lot of controversy.

The author continues to note the implications that such families have on both the parents and the children (Carlson 23). Most of his arguments are based on psychological implication of being subjected to such family setups as a child and also parents. I agree with the author on this point because studies have shown that children brought out in a single parent families have higher chances of suffering from psychological trauma than those brought out in a family set up of both the father and the mother. In most cases, the circumstances surrounding the case of their single parenthood are the ones that cause the psychological torture to the children.

On the same note, the author points out that, subjecting children to psychological torture directly impacts negatively on their academic performance and ultimately their future (Geoff 15). Though I quite agree with point of psychological implication to children brought about by being in single parented families, the author does not seem to explore on other serious implications such as financial constraints on both parents and children. He only mentions that financial burden of bringing up the children is left to one parent and therefore become hard for the single parent to bring up the children well due to financial constrains.

This point does not seem to be supported by any facts since as you would bear me witness; there are single parents that have plenty of resources to enable them bring up their children well. To them, this challenge is not applicable, and therefore it is important to note that if this point is to count, the author should back up his arguments with some facts. He should also avoid generalizing his conclusion on this point.

To sum it up, the article is good since a great percentage of its contents is relevant to our day to day life and is supported by valid facts. It is only a few points that I have noted above which seems not to be addressed well but that according to me, does not have enough weight to deem the work irrelevant.

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