According to Mathew, the good life is where a person is in touch with nature. When a person gets too seriously engrossed in life, they forget the small things that made them happy at one time. In the poem, there is the use of playful language that can even be considered childish. The writer also explores the journey towards discovering ones feelings and working towards ensuring that they get what they want in life. Leading a good life is where ones desires are fulfilled by the things that nature has to offer. Material wealth is not an essence of leading a good life.

Mark Sundeen talks about a man who decided to life his life without any money at all. He got rid of all his material possessions and went to live in the wild. He lives in caves and eats wild fruits. He does not accept any help be it from food stamps or clothes from well wishers. He says that this has been the best thing that happened to him, and he has been free every since. Therefore, according to this author, the good life is where one is free of any commitments that might give them stress. The author says that money will give someone gratification, but the worries that comes from money diminishes the sanctity of life.

The book by Dave Eggers talks about a man who decided to leave his employment to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. He is of Syrian American heritage. By leaving his comfortable behind and going to dangerous places, he displayed a sense of concern to humanity. This is one way of gaining happiness. When the hurricane ended, the man was arrested for terrorist suspicion. He was imprisoned for 23 days. This is the price he paid for wanting to help fellow humans. In search of satisfaction, people might persecute you because of your religion or motive. The good life is, however, achieved when one follows their passion and does good deeds with good intensions.

Bill Clegg is a young man who decided to take a two months vacation to some cocaine. He got gratification for a while, but as the addiction grew, he lost everything that mattered in his life. This included his job, friends, relational and even savings. While chasing the good life, the fell into oblivion and even contemplated committing suicide. He went through with this idea but was not successful. His memoir talks about his efforts to recover from the addiction and try to lead the good life. In essence, the goal life is characterized being able to control ones desires and influence the path that their life will take. One can easily waste their life chasing fantasies that are sold by the society. One should be content by having a functional social unit surrounding them. This way, they will always have a group of people to fall back on when they hit rock bottom.

In my opinion, the good life is characterized by unity of body and spirit. One should be able to unite all their sense such that none overtakes the other. The spiritual life should be balanced with the social and physical aspect of life. A person can say that they are leading the good life when they are in touch with their core being and when no aspect of society can shake them. When they have the ability to handle all situations that face them they can then claim to lead a good life. A person needs not have much money in order to be considered happy. It takes a balance between health and wealth. Until then, we all have to struggle towards reaching that goal.

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