Flash Fiction

It had been on my thoughts for a while now, and the day had finally arrived. I always wanted to visit the newly opened museum, and see if it was worth all the praise bequeathed upon it, but never had the chance. Waking up gay, I took to the shower and wore my best outfit. I left the house early enough, and took my friend with me because I couldn’t have done it alone. It was s short ride to the place, and given the fact that I was not alone I would have a nice time. It was the opening day after renovations, so the entry was free. Happy to have saved some money, we went round. The environment had since changed, and new artifacts introduced. I was taken aback by the colossal dinosaur skeleton that welcomed the visitors upon entry into the facility. At the end of the tour, happier excited about the positive use of time, we left the museum. It is definite that we will be back for another fun day filled with fascinating historical learning.

In “Hills like White Elephant”, the author uses dialogue for the most part of the story. It tells the story of a gentleman and a ladywho have a drink together, while deciding what else to do with their time. He uses subtle hints of imagery which make the story intriguing. The way he places the conversations, it is easy to tell the character who is speaking. He uses dialogue to introduce the protagonists. It is easy to see the characters because of the manner in which the conversations are placed. There is a clear visual image of the characters in the reader’s mind as they delve into the story. He is dependent on extremely he imaged in the mind of the reader to complete the story to levels that they will find pleasing.

In the second story, the teller, Nyberg, does not use conversation because he tells of his story as a writer though he generalizes the experience. He states that writers have a lonely life and that to trade that for a social life would be to lower the quality of their work. He does not use a lot of imagery in his story. Being the only character, he has introduced himself well and makes the audience aware that he is making references to other authors, as well. Visual images are created audience’s mind, and it is this quality that the author depends on to pass the message across to the audience.

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