Free Will and Determinism: A Dialogue

The quote by Daniel at page five, as well as the entire book, Free Will and Determinism: A Dialogue is on a character that Williams is willing to defend throughout the book. An attempt to expound the quote must be premised upon the fact that each term that is used does have a meaning. The referred quote is from a conversation that is held between Daniel, Fredrick and Carolyn. This question is posed by Fredrick who is seeking to know Daniel’s opinion on daily occurrences, like buying a mystery novel. The entire conversation is to end with seeking meaning to issues surrounding free will and determinism.

The main role of the philosopher’s argument in this excerpt is based on the deterministic ideology that is propounded throughout the book. In this excerpt, he rather attempts to draw attention to the theory that the presence of causes for human behaviour is drawn from the occurrence of an enormous number of events. Through Fredrick, he attempts to draw a conclusion that it is his behavior to read suspense stories, coupled with the fact that when he has time he will endeavor to buy a mystery novel. He thus deduces the linkage between love for suspense stories and the availability of time for purchasing a mystery novel. Williams thus attempts to draw the opinion that the acts of human beings are thus predetermined by some necessary forces. The quote further seeks to deduce the opinion that the natural effects are dependent upon the energies that cause them and that these energies cannot draw any other effect than the one they result in, in this case being the opinion by Daniel that without a doubt, Fredrick would purchase a mystery novel with such actions being triggered by Fredrick’s love of suspense stories and the availability of time.

In my opinion however, it is rather absurd to support the theory upon the laid down basis. The mere explanation that life is nothing short of cause and effect lacks grounds for support or logic. This reasoning is based on the fact that despite Fredrick’s support of the theory, it lacks records of the same from the beginning of time; the theory has only had historical support during the past few hundred years. To rely on the theory means to assume that one fact is inter-related to all similar matter, like an ice cap that melts due to global warming can lead us to the conclusion that all melted ice caps are caused by global warming.

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