Goethe's Faust and the Master and Margarita

In chapter 19, (pp 9742) the author speaks of Margarita’s unhappiness and calls her a witch. This is an allusion since it does not mean that the lady is evil. The author was trying to show how her unhappiness has made her miserable, especially given that she is a good person who has been made victim by the unfortunate circumstances.

In chapter 23, (pp10050) the author uses another allusion to represent the devil. This is the poodle that Margarita has to wear around her neck. She also has to kneel in front of an image of the poodle. This represents her surrender to the evil power that is the devil. The use of allusion here makes the novel interesting without having to mention the word devil, which would bring controversy to the book’s content.

In chapter 50, (pp 10890) the weather is used to symbolize the emotions experienced by the characters. The allusion of a storm gathering symbolized the hard emotions that the characters were subjected to. Also, the clearing of the skies was a hope that they had to overcome the situation that they were going through at that time. However, the clouds gave way to rain. This symbolized a maturity in their emotions and handling of stress.

In act 5 scene 1, (pp 11065) Baucis is an old man who is almost dying. When Philemon comes to visit, he refers to death as an almost-vanished breath. This is an allusion meant to symbolize that the speaker is almost death. This is because of old age, since even his wife is very aged and speaks in a weak and shaky voice.

In act 5 scene 3, (pp 11160) Faust refers to a strange shadow that makes him shudder. He says that it is like a thorn in his flesh and that it wounds him. These are allusions made to symbolize the devil. These physical discomforts and pain are also a symbolism of the spiritual and emotional torture that the writer is going through because of the devil.

Female characters

Margarita is the female protagonist in the novel. She symbolizes women who are married into power and have to be reflection of their husbands. She shows the strong side of femininity and sacrifice that women can make in order to save their family.

Upon being made the queen of the Satan‘s ball, Margarita is featured in a new and evil light. She becomes self absorbed and selfish. This shows a dark side of women especially when they are possessed by a dark power.

Natasha is the maid assigned to Margarita. She shows the submissive side of women and represents the weak and powerless in the society. She, however, brings some grace to the role of maids as she does her work flawlessly.

The woman from the ball Gretchen, shows the weak side of femininity coupled with a dark and evil side. She was raped and carried a child. After the birth of her rape child, the woman decided to kill her baby by choking her with a handkerchief.

Baucis wife is an old folk. Even in her advanced age she is still loyal and caring to her husband. Her role represents the side of womanhood that is caring and the faithful wife. When Philemon goes to visit, she tells him not to disturb her sleeping husband because of his illness and advanced age.

Hella is a maid for Woland. She is cast a s the perfect woman and maid. This façade is however, a disguise for her real nature, she is a vampiress. She is also beautiful and represents the alluring and seductive side of women.

There is a small mention of a woman called Freda. She is used to show the deceptive side of women. She appears in the scene where Gretchen is being saved from her curse.

The women in this novel have been used to bring a balance of the two extremes. Some of them have been cast in a light of grace while others are evil, even being classified as witches. The author makes the woman invincible. Women have the power to give and take life. They have the power to deceive and manipulate men to do what they want. They also have the power to make a man’s life tolerable even in the time of adversity. For instance, Margarita used her feminine charm to change the fate of the powerful devil. Even though she had to sacrifice her own life, she was able to convince the devil to do contrary to his will. She also had the power to save her fellow woman from the jaws of a curse.

Women have also been cast have as givers and takers of life. Gretchen gave birth to a baby and killed it. This shows that women can use their powers for good or evil. With no influence from men, they can choose whatever action they want, just as long as they can live with the consequences. Women are also extremely deceptive. This increases their ability to make everyone around them think that they are perfect humans, while they are scheming something evil an example for this is Hella who was thought to be perfect and could do no harm. She later she became a vampire. This novel is the perfect balance between illusion and reality. While women are important in the life of men, they are also dangerous and can make the life of a man difficult. This depiction makes for an eternal feminine figure.

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