Dear sister Mali, I hope you are well.  I am grieved while writing this letter addressed to you. I do not get it. Why do I have to undergo so much trouble haven’t I had enough of this by just growing up on an empty stomach feeding on almost nothing? Who will ever come straight and advocate for we, the unfortunate, disadvantaged families in America? I do not think I can take it anymore.

I wanted to bring to your attention to the hardships of destitute and poor life I experience in Philadelphia. Life is hard when have to live on food stamps. Acquiring money has been a crucial issue for me. I have often depended on funding welfare programs, which are not certain to provide. WIC is the welfare group that assists children and women. I wish there would have been political will to maintain programs existing knowledge, utilizing resources, and technology to deal gainfully with the growing number of food and shelter households, middle class and working, in America. I am having trouble medical, insurance, and healthcare issues, housing also has been a significant challenge for me as I cannot afford to pay for the hiked prices to acquire a safe abode.  I think I might go paranoid soon from this kind of extreme depression. Why won’t the government that is funding projects that have little interest to the general public cover our deteriorating lives? The cost of living is simply too high.

Can you caption this; we as working poor people having jobs, but cannot make enough to support the simplest of a family. Think of a lady, neighbor, a formerly middle class housewife, she resulted to stealing to attempt to feed her kids. Besides me take of our soldiers fighting in front lines battle fields while their young wives and children stand in bread lines and are eventually denied benefits or baby formula in military health clinics.


Mali this situation is too much for me to handle. Why does the Welfare to Working Act of 1996 have to dismiss the conditions and sources of raging poverty in the rash to lower the numbers living welfare support?

How can the government have declared twenty years ago, Ronald Reagan, that hunger ceased to be an American problem while it has reached grand proportions, running unchecked through urban, suburban, and rural communities, affecting every one, blacks, Asians, whites, Christians, Jews, and nonbelievers alike? Isn’t this an epidemic in our nation?  I believe this is a death sentence in disguise where I work for starvation wages form hand to mouth.

Everywhere I turn the languages is; Hunger among the Middle Class. As a victim of hunger, will I always spending my entire life poor, homeless, on little or no security? Mali I do not know who to turn to, becoming an immigrant, refugee, also guarantees me a hungrier life. This will be an ever ending story of us living to the tongs of hunger.

I fear that my body after an extended period of time, it will devour my own tissues. I fear that all internal organs will soon decrease in weight and may be except for my brain, which will leave me thinking of a death that waits. For now I consider myself lucky, I have seen others turn to the fatalities to some fatal diseases. This is affecting me psychologically as I do not think I will escape the same trend, struggling in poverty and a sad death.

That is the much that I am going through going through above the poverty that prevails. Who, dear sister, will come to rescue me from the jaws of death and uncertainty of tomorrow?

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