''Home'' by Toni Morrison

“Home” is a Nobel Prize winner novel written by a famous American novelist, editor and professor Toni Morrison, which was published in 2012. It is a story of twenty four-year-old African-American veteran of the Korean War, Frank Money, who returns from an integrated Army into a segregated homeland.

Frank feels himself alone and almost homeless in Seattle, gambles all his money, struggles with odd jobs, loses his girlfriend almost losing his mind. He cannot remember how he appears in the hospital where he finds himself restrained in a medical ward. Then he suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a strange woman, Sarah, where is said that he must hurry and save her younger sister, Cee, from unknown dander in Georgia. Cee, known as Ycidra, leaves home at age 14 with a man, later finds a job of a medical assistant and works with a doctor, Beauregard Scott.

He escapes from the hospital, weak and almost dying, starts his journey without anything. Fortunately, along his way he meets good Samaritans, who give him money, food and clothes. After that he fights with gangsters in the train. During the rescue of his beloved sister, Frank saves himself and tries to suppress his traumatic memories of the war. Frank’s post-traumatic stress disorders disappeared very easily effecting one of the least satisfying redemption stories. Frank makes an important confession that he is guilty of barbarity during the war.

Gorgeous and intense, brutal and heartwarming Morrison’s perfect prose informs a reader about accessible and composed with biblical motives. In “Home” Toni Morrison touches such subjects as racism, slavery, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

Morrison has always had a tendency to moralize in simple way allegorizing the state of tension in “Home.” Samuel Beckett gave feedback regarding the novel “All has not been said and never will be” (McAlpin 2012).

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