Huckleberry Finn is the main character in the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The novel gives a clear description of people along the river Mississippi and involves racist attitudes. Being the main character, Finn is commonly associated with the racist attitudes. Huckleberry is a young boy whose father is a drunkard and he does not care about educating his children. Therefore, Huckleberry is illiterate because of the failure of his father to take him to school. He meets his friend Tom Sawyer with whom they experienced many adventures. He is a character who grows into a person, as he begins to associate with various individuals out of his compound. For instance, he decided to change his racist attitudes, and courageously starts to help other people around him, he sets out on a mission to interact with different people, and he encounters many adventures which depict his maturity and growth into a person.

This essay explicates various views that indicate the growth of Huckleberry into a person.

Firstly, Huckleberry changes his racist attitudes and becomes racially fair person. In the course of interacting with his close friend Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry is able to reform from his racial thinking gradually. At first, he would not imagine interacting with dark-skinned individuals because of the initial negative perceptions relating to them. According to the author, Huckleberry uses terms such as nigger, which is mostly considered racial abuse. He does not care about this attitude that had been passed on from his father. There were initial steps to civilize Huckleberry after adoption, so that he could move away from his racial attitudes. The author asserts that widow Douglas adopted and emphasized on civilizing the child in order to stop him from reasoning in the same direction as his old father who was one of the most common drunkards in the area. Tom Sawyer, who was Huckleberry’s best friend, volunteers to teach him the matters relating to race and creation of individuals. Tom talks to Huckleberry about the importance of treating all races as being equal. He emphasizes on the equality in the capabilities of all races and the level of performance among them. This emphasis makes Huckleberry to reconsider his position and change his opinion about other races. This leads to accommodation of new races in his mind, and he is able to work with a person of any race that he comes across.

Secondly, he gains the courage to assist other individuals in cases of difficulties. Huckleberry grows up gradually as a person, and he is able to acquire a helping heart. He slowly transforms into the individual who is readily willing to assist others in problematic situations. He is a brave person who can come up with simpler means of helping others to overcome various difficult issues. For instance, he rescues Jim who had been sold into slavery and takes him to freedom. According to the author, Huckleberry manages to rescue Jim out of slavery with Tom’s help. This is an indication of his strong willingness to see that all individuals are free from torture and suffering. It would not sound appropriate for Huckleberry in cases where a person was subjected to sufferings and had no one to help. He had encountered many adventures and had a long-time experience that would enable him to save individuals. Huckleberry moves from a world of self-assistance to community assistance that is beneficial for all the members of the society and ensures that various dangerous issues are addressed as required.

Thirdly, he has learnt how to interact with other people. Interaction is a vital component of existence in any situation. An individual would be in a better position, to explore various opportunities with proper interactions. One is able to gain fame through continuous interaction with other people in the society. Exposure to various issues would emanate from the continuing interactions taking place in the society. Huckleberry maximizes on the opportunities left by his drunken father. He identifies a loophole and grabs the opportunity to run away and go to a distant place that is free from restrictions relating to interactions. During his escape, he feigned death hence instilling fear among his parents and other concerned persons. There were numerous searches for Huckleberry, but there were no tangible pieces of information to indicate his current location. Interactions were vital in his growth, they assisted him to get know how to communicate with people and to learn various aspects related to normal happenings. Interactions assist Huckleberry to grow into the individual who is exposed and knows how to deal with various people in the society. Interactions give Huckleberry an opportunity to grow into a person by learning the various attitudes relating to different people in the society.

Lastly, the numerous adventures Huckleberry underwent indicate his growth into a person. Initially, his drunken father had subjected Huckleberry to staying in the house for longer hours in order to ensure that he does not mix with other people. When the opportunity to escape finally came, Huckleberry had to sneak from his home and to move to a place where he would independently make decisions and encounter various adventures which are vital in shaping the individuals’ life. In line with this, various adventures such as theft were also common. Through this, he was able to learn vital lessons that were immensely applicable in the entire life and made a  contribution into his personal growth. According to the author, Huckleberry decided to move away from his father’s cabin and go to another area that would allow free witness of various adventurous events. Huckleberry has grown into a person because of the feelings he has gradually developed towards other people in the society. Through continuous application of the adventurous activities, Huckleberry has grown into a person that is able to understand various situations and address them appropriately.

In conclusion, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel about a young man who has been restricted to stay in the house by his drunkard father. All movements were restricted including access to education. This means that Huckleberry remained illiterate despite the fact that there were enough schools that he could attend and gain the required skills. Continuous restrictions by his father necessitated the escape from home. Huckleberry secretly moved out of his father’s house in order to go and live unpredictable life that contains lesser restrictions. He witnessed various adventurous activities, such as theft with robbery that enabled him to grow into a person. With time, Huckleberry has grown into an adult. For instance, he is able to interact with other individuals confidently and share various issues affecting the society. Interactions are taken as the uniting tools that enable individuals coexist in a particular way. In addition, he changed his racial attitude to racial neutrality. This means that all members of the society should not be separated according to their color, but should be appreciated as other potential contributors to the running of global affairs. Continued adventures are also an indicator of Huckleberry’s growth into a person, as he would not be in a position to experience the continued adventures without developing as a person.

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