Inner Sincerity

In the essay “The Way We Lie” by Stephanie Ericsson the author claims that “We must consider the meaning of our actions.” and “When someone lies, someone loses.” To my mind, these words carry an important meaning in our world that is sunk into lies and deceit. People are not sincere and open anymore – their fortune and happiness are gained by many lies, but humanity forgot that there is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

The writer uses personal experience to prove her statement: “I once admitted to a group of people that I had a mouth like a truck driver. Much to my surprise, a man stood up, and said, “I am a truck driver and I never cuss.” Sure enough, the writer was ashamed of her behavior. I find this example convincing, as it proves that we should always think before saying something, and be sure of what we say, because our actions can lead to sorrowful consequences.

Once, the author has found out that the first wife of Adam was the proud ancient goddess Lilith, which was omitted from Genesis, replaced by Eve, and demonized afterwards. Ericsson believes that “The omission of Lilith was a patriarchal strategy to keep women weak.” In my opinion, this deed is mean, and those who have lied so much time will be punished by their own deeds – no action is left without reaction.

Ericsson states that “Our acceptance of lies becomes a cultural cancer”, and it absorbs us, until it “becomes invisible to us as water is to a fish”. I totally agree with the writer`s conclusion, as I deeply believe that humanity should improve itself, in order to regain its soulful paradise, once lost in the race for selfishness.

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