Lies My Teacher Told Me

In Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen critiques the manner with which tutors deliver the history courses content to high school students, and highlights the hatred that the students have towards the subject. He notes that they have made little effort in enjoying the subject, and the tutors use blind optimism when delivering their course content (Loewen, 2000). In his analysis and comparison of the different texts used in high schools, he notes that the authors have stripped some heroes of their facts, and given them a sterile version of the historic events that transpired (Loewen,  2007). He notes that the authors give little information about the heroes and the American founding fathers. According to him, high school students acquire little information about the famous names that were the American historic figures, and they have little information about the actions that made them famous. According to him, the tutors choose to give a biased view of history as it is, so the students end up having a biased view and the notion of the manner in which the country was founded, and the heroic acts for remembering heroes like Helen Keller (Shields, 2006). Although Loewen has valid grounds for his criticism, he does not offer a direct solution to the students that are currently in school, as well as those who completed school with scanty knowledge of their history. He does not give a solution to the tutors as to how they can improve the information they give to the students. It does not help to state the problem simply. There has to be clear proposed solutions to the problems, otherwise his critique of the American teachings of the history discipline is not helpful to the students. He ought to have stated a clear and concise manner that modern day tutors can employ to ensure that they deliver the correct information to the students.

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