Life on the Mississippi

In this particular book Mark Twain recounts the good gone old days when he used to enjoy life in the Mississippi. He provides the readers with a vivid description of the properties of the river that made him like it as he navigated through its waters. The author commences by providing us with the origin of the river. He points out that before the river had been discovered, nobody wanted to associate with it but after its discovery so many people have began mentioning it. This is followed by a description of his training as a steam pilot. These events happened when he was still young and he shows a lot of affection to the process of training in the fascinating waters of the Mississippi river. The author takes the readers through a short summary of Clemens life sometime after he stopped from being a pilot. It is very clear in the book that the author recognizes the various changes that have taken place in the Mississippi river and the way it has become more desirable for exploration. This has been attained with a description of the extraordinary changes in its course and the astonishing banks that the river has. Essentially with the Mississippi river, the author treats the readers to some form of fun, humor and soberness of its on kind.

To achieve his objective in the book , the author has taken an investigative approach to finding information that is relevant to the main theme. The author has opted to investigate the history of the Mississippi river. This has been made possible because of his wide exposure to the river particularly when he was under training as a steam pilot. The various pieces of information concerning the river have been provided through the investigation. The various changes that have occurred in the river have been well articulated by the author and they are an indication of the investigation that has been done. It is worth mentioning that the author has achieved his objective in the book. This has been evidenced in the way there is some form of satisfaction in terms of the various good memories that river Mississippi brings to the life of Clemence. The author has succeeded indeed in creating a good impression of the river Mississippi and making it an awesome destination. The various characteristics and descriptions of the river leave the reader with a desire to have a personal experience in the river. He has succeeded in creating a sober book that is filled with a lot of humor.

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