The Novel “The African American odyssey” is set at a time when slavery was the order of the day and the black man is most preferred candidate for this trade. Having been forced from their motherland in Africa specifically Ghana, among others such as Mali and the Songhai Empire, these slaves had to be trained on how to work for the white man and this took a while after their arrival in America (Hine, Hine, & Harrold, 2011). They were forced into labor and strived for their freedom. They used violence and inter mixed the two cultures to create the African American culture, which helped them a lot. Freedom to the slaves meant a lot however, it was not easily earned and they had to struggle to their very last to achieve their much needed freedom. Despite the fact that they were slaves in the western states some were incorporated in strive for colonial independence and this brought reprieve for those who engaged themselves in this activity leading to their freedom. However, most of this freedom was earned only in some parts and of the country. However, the free and educated African Americans were able to rise up to the challenge and point out their rights under the newfound government in the aftermath of the revolution that they had partaken. Their freedom meant a lot and despite the fact that the white folks created laws that disenfranchised them and their entire families, the free blacks continued with their struggle against racism using whatever means they could amass to protect themselves and their children. Finally, Hine, Hine and Harrold  (2011) show that freedom meant that they (Blacks) would be able to enjoy the same rights as the whites such as going to good schools, the right to own property and furthermore own land and  not to work for anybody. The above issues show just how expectant the blacks were in their fight for their freedom.

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