“My Journey's beginning” is a memoir, written in a narrative style, without any dialogues or quotes. The story is also written in particular order and can be divided on such parts as: childhood memories, description of other characters and their stories, and the author’s present life and goals. In addition, there are a lot of interesting physical and emotional details of the main characters.

First of all, there is a detailed description of the characters’ appearance. For instance, the author described his step dad Colby as a short and chubby, while his father as a tall and skinny man. Of course, it is always important to read about appearance, in order to develop a certain vision of the characters’. However, it would be more interesting if the author compared behaviors and lifestyle of his biological father and step father. There is also description of the sister, which helped the author define their common features, such as squeaky and soft voices.

One of the most detailed descriptions was about the mother, her appearance and personal life. It is important to notice, that the author defines situations, which affected character’s life and behavior. Therefore, the turning point in her life for her mother’s life was a sexual assault, which led her into the wrong direction of joining gangs and venturing into illegal activities.Secondly, relationships with her boyfriend Rahmon also significantly changed her mother’s character. That is why during these relationships with Rahmon the mother became very strict and angry.   

Then the author is making gradual transitions from description of her mother’s personal life to her relationship with boyfriend. The author also makes slight comparisons to her and her mother. For example, her early pregnancy made her think that she would not want to behave like her mother and keep her child locked away. Then she writes about her first fight, which resulted in probation. This situation also reminds of her mother’s rebellious lifestyle after the sexual assault. Nevertheless, the turning point for the author was a birth of her child. She gives a detailed description of her giving birth to her child and writes on how she would like to become a better mother and role model for her daughter.

Last but not least, there are not enough of metaphors and dialogues it this story. However, sometimes the author is using some comparisons. It was interesting how she compared her and her sister to the peas: “We were like two peas in a pod and went on many adventures together”. It sounds very childish, but at the same time indicates that the author enjoyed spending time with her sister. There is also description of different elements of the house, its kitchen or backyard. This house is an importing symbolic element, because this is where she first met her biological father. Overall, this memoir is quite interesting, but it could have been more vivid with more metaphors and dialogues.

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