Modernism and Postmodernism

In the book Getting Mother’s Body, the idea of a better deader writer is ripped of by the formula for praise in the world of literature of PC particularly if a hack. This is filled modern time’s baggage and attempt to pass it off as homage. This is where the issue of modernism and post modernism appears. Whilst it is a sure signal of creative bankruptcy in reality, you will be perversely praised as original if you are a minority or a woman for performing a heroic thing to tweak your forebears who are oppressive. It is for this reason that Getting Mother’s Body by Suzan-Lori Parks was published as well as became over praised widly for this reverse premise sip off of As I lay Dying by William Faulkner. The issue here is that SLP is ripping off a broadly overrated source material to start with.

Suzan-Lori book talks about a black Texas family who moved to Arizona in the early 1960s to dig up a woman’s grave. This woman was singer Willa Mae Beede whom she thought was buried with valuable jewels that to them could come in handy, particularly the daughter of the woman Billy Beede. This was a wild child teenager who pregnant out of wedlock. There are attempts by SLP to use the book by Faulkner to rotate the style of first person narrative. The two books that are As I Lay Dying and Getting Mother’s Body reveal a lot of modern issue as well as postmodernism. This in Getting Mother’s Body is shown when characters are moving from one place to another town where they think life is more improved that is in search of modernism. The issue of post modernism is also seen when they attempt to dig out a grave in order to repossess jewelry they thought could fetch them a fortune.

The issue of modernism on As I Lay Dying on the other hand is revealed by the events of childbirth that are followed by deaths for women. This is used as an imagery to show how changes from old times into modernism as well as post modernism affect those who do not wish to transform. Modernism on itself calls for change hence characters especially women are seen dying as suggested by the title due to failure of conforming to change. The theme of death in the two books helps to bring out the issues of modernism as well as post modernism as death is used a symbol of refusal to modernize. Hence the two books show numerous differences as well as similarities on the issues of modernism and post modernism.

The theme of death is evident in the novel namely As I Lay Dying. As the title suggests most events revolve around issues related to death. When death is involved, birth must always be mentioned as one has to be born in order to die. As I Lay Dying is a novel that is relentlessly cynical and we observe childbirth robbing its usual rehabilitative power. Rather than acting as a death antidote, childbirth appears as an introduction to it. Giving rise to an offspring for both Addie and Dewey Dell is a phenomenon that kills the individuals closest to it even if these people are still alive physically. The birth of Addie’s first child appears like a cruel trick, her precious solitude infringement as well as being Cash’s birth that initially makes Addie to see Anse as dead. For Addie, birth becomes a final obligation and she views both Vardaman and Dewey as the affair reparations that caused conception of Jewel, the last debts she must clear prior preparing for her death. The feeling of pregnancy by Dewey dell is no more positive as her conation progresses to being a constant concern. This causes her to see all men as potential predators for sex and changes her whole world as she describes in an early section. A prescribed death for women appears to be spelled out by birth and by proxy, the entire households’ metaphysical deaths. Getting mother’s body on the other hand represents the theme of death by the mere pronunciation of the title.

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