MLA vs. APA Citations


Citations are utilized in academic researches and other forms of writing in order to acknowledge the sources utilized in composing these academic works. MLA citation style utilizes two parenthetical documentation systems for acknowledging the works from other writers. In-text citation for MLA includes the author and the page number where certain content is acquired within the book of another writer. Conversely, APA in-text citations include the author’s last name, the page number within which certain text is derived, and years in which that particular work was published.

Citations that are utilized within a certain academic work ought to reflect the rhetorical expectation of a particular audience where APA citations are utilized for acknowledging works within the social science field.   Similarly, MLA citations are exploited in the acknowledging works within the literature, liberal arts and language. 

Therefore, the Oring source cannot be cited utilizing the APA style, considering that APA rhetorical expectations are within social science rather than in literature. This implies that the Oring source ought to be cited by utilizing the MLA style, which is within the rhetorical expectations for literature-related fields of study. The rhetorical requirements for academic disciplines ought to be followed to ensure that effective utilization of different styles for specific fields. Rhetorical citation guides the readers while reading different academic works and allows them to comprehend the fields within which the academic works fall. Therefore, utilizing APA style for English course may be considered a rhetorical misplacement since English course falls under MLA style. Additionally, utilizing APA style for the English course may confuse readers in which they may consider the academic work to fall under social science.

APA adopts the Reference Page contrary to MLA, which adopts the Works Cited Page as the bibliographic representation. MLA concentrates on authors and their achievements while APA concentrates on the timeliness for the scientific researches utilized within the paper. Limitations exist on the sources utilized within the paper, where only sources that well in-texted within the academic works ought to be included in the bibliography page of either APA or MLA style.

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