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The novel “Flight” is written by Sherman Alexie and it largely involve an outcast named Zits during the violence of colossal. At the very beginning of the novel the writer famously states that “Call me Zits”. This was a bit different from the main idea of whale hunting mission at 15 he was orphaned and his parental links comprised of both America and India. Ideally, he was an American-India whose life took several twists which were totally different due to unavoidable circumstances.

The first presentation of Zits to the reader in the novel is basically during the time he was in the bathroom counting the total number of pimples on his entire face, which he manages to count up to 47 pimples in total. This incident occurs during his stay at his latest pair of foster parents. From the beginning the writer presents the reader with a golden opportunity of knowing how he endured a teenage life which was entirely marginalized; “I’m dying from about ninety nine kinds of shame. I’m ashamed of being fifteen years old, and being tall, and skinny, and ugly. I’m ashamed that I look like a bag of Zits tied on a broomstick (Alexie 67). I wonder if loneliness causes acne. I wonder if being Indian cause’s acne”.

Zits father was of Indian origin however he deliberately abandoned him immediately he was born. On the other hand her mother was of Irish origin and was a fun lover who took care of Zits through his early life as an infant. Unfortunately, she died when zits was six years old. This was the time when Zits needed both of his parents for guidance, protection and provision of basic and fundamental needs. This Ushered in a new and more complicated form of life for Zits. He moved from one home to the other and changed his foster parents from time and again and shifted from one school to another. “My entire life fills into a small backpack” he states. His first run away was when he was at a tender age of eight; on the other hand he is one among the many alcohol addicts at a younger age of fifteen (Alexie 34).

Zits met a white boy called justice when he was in juvenile jail who instills the idea of taking his own sorry life in his hands; this was in the Central Districts at Settle. Their core intention was firing arms directly to the bystanders who were crowded at the bank, but contrarily Zits did not and instead found himself in a travelling journey which was headed for traversing a number of countries which suddenly had a positive impact of change to his dying soul in unusual way.          

His first arrival was met by Hank Storm who had a compacted body, a white F.B.I agent who was blue eyed. He meets with two Indians who were well known radicals on the roads of backwoods in what was called the Nannapush Indian Red River in Idaho in 1975.  The writer fast tracks and forwards time; one of his narrators a person who was believed to be a mouthy inhabits Jimmy, one of those who had to take the heavy burden as a flight instructor when a student affiliated to him took part in the terrorist act which occurred in Chicago. The eventual image of Zit was clearly assimilated with that of his father; drunkard who is fully homeless, literally rotting in dust bins searching for leftovers. However, there is some small level of respect portrayed in him as well. Zits find a bit of luck through Officer Dave who willingly took him to his brother’s home where he was offered to stay , this is the place where zits feels comfortable at home and fully puts his trust in this family (Alexie 56).

Several thematic aspects are covered in “Flight” basing on either the individual or the entire novel. One of the themes covered in the novel revolves around Zits; adolescence: throughout the entire novel Zits goes through different adolescence transformations. He was one of many causes of trouble time and again due to his drinking habits although after several incidents, he started to change positively at the end where he finally accepted who he was. He changed from his previous name of Zits to Michael who really belongs to the family. “But I’m beginning to think I’ve been given a chance. I’m beginning to think I might unlonely. I’m beginning to think I might have a real family…Michael. My real name is Michael. Please call me Michael” (Alexie 180-181).

Violence is another major theme that cuts across the novel “Flight” and it revolves around the desperate life of Zits. “I get into arguments and I fight with everybody. I get so angry that I get blind and deaf and mute” (Alexie 8). At his tender age Zits started drinking alcohol because of the situation he was in and as a result, he grew angry and violent as a young lad. The core reason behind this was his movement from one place to the other and engaging with different types of people with different intentions thus he feels lonely and willing to take out his anger on anyone around him. However, he decided to change after he witnessed violence and its severe consequences on innocent people outside the bank, which he was supposed to take part in but turned it down later.

Morality as a theme cuts across the novel and basically revolves around the kind of life led by Zits. After several horrible instances in his life, Zits realized that every step taken or decisions made in his life have drastic consequences either to himself or to other people around him. “I like to start fire. And I’m ashamed that I’m a fire starter. I’m ashamed of everything, and I I’m ashamed of being ashamed” (Alexie 8). This shame portrays the activities he took part in as a young Indian boy and their horrible effects to people, but some of acts were avoidable as he clearly demonstrated outside the bank where he was presented with the choice of either pulling the trigger or firing at innocent people or walking away; he chose correctly and walked away after pondering over the consequences and the feeling of guilty he will forever be bothered by. “I used to hate the rain but now I want it to pour. I want it to storm. I want to be clean” (Alexie 159). This implied that he really needed to change from the kind of life he lived before and change his horrible morality as well.

Native American is another theme presented in the novel. Zits come to his realization on how both stigma and racism are fully attached to those viewed as Native Americans; on the other hand he also noticed that the view of life has drastically affected the minority with total regard of the background. It came to his attention that every person has his or her own ideas and views which specifically inclines with their ethical groups. Belonging to a particular ethnic group does not guarantee a person full knowledge about everything. It was during this period of time when Zits learned a lot concerning his people and his history in general.  

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